Startup News: 03 January 2022 - 09 January 2022

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Good Morning!! As we enter a new week, let’s take a look at the latest trending startup news insights.


03 January 2022


Startup Weekly News


1. Mercedes says its electric concept has 620 miles of range and seats made with mushrooms

Mercedes has unveiled a new all-electric concept car, the EQXX, that the company claims can go 620 miles on a single charge. The futuristic luxury car is also made with a host of innovative recycled and sustainable materials. Read More

2. AIMMO bags $12M Series A to advance data labeling technology  

Most artificial intelligence models are trained through supervised learning, meaning that humans must label raw data. Data labeling is a critical part of automating artificial intelligence and machine learning models. Read More


04 January 2022


Startup Weekly News


1. Seaweed based biodegradable material designed "to make packaging disappear"

Sustainable startup Notpla has created edible, biodegradable packaging made from seaweed and plants that were designed to replace plastic. Read More

2. Liquid Death lands $75M more to expand the brand

Liquid Death, a water brand that began life in 2018 with a funny video to first test the concept, has grown deadly serious about its growth prospects. Read More


05 January 2022


Startup Weekly News


1. A breakthrough solar oven got hot enough to produce carbon-free cement and steel

Heliogen is a secretive startup developing a promising solar technology that relies on transforming sunlight into extreme heat. Read More


06 January 2022 


Startup Weekly News


1. Damon Motors unveils new 170 mph HyperFighter electric motorcycle line

Canadian startup Damon Motors has taken to CES 2022 to show off plans for a second electric motorcycle line known as the HyperFighter Colossus. Read More

2. An Indian startup could revolutionize ocean farming with its 'sea combine harvester'

Founded in 2010, Sea6 Energy wants to mechanize ocean farming, just as tractors did for agriculture, with its "Sea Combine," an automated catamaran that simultaneously harvests and replants seaweed in the ocean. Read More


07 January 2022


Weekly startup NEws


1. Farming is grueling work, but a Pittsburgh startup is using technology to make it easier 

As Pennsylvania grapples with an impending shortage of agriculture labor, the industry is struggling to sell young people on what has long been a grueling line of work that doesn’t make much money. Read More

2. US startup claims more than 1200km of driving range from the new battery

A US company is claiming it has tested a new battery that offers up to 1210 kilometers of driving range from a single charge. Read More

3. Andreessen Horowitz raises $9B for three new investment funds

Prominent venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, an investor in tech firms such as Stripe Inc. and Databricks Inc., today said it has raised $9 billion for three new funds. Read More


08 January 2022


Weekly startup News


1. Tech Startup Wants To Enable People To Bet On Court Cases With Crypto

Kyle Roche, a trial lawyer and one of Ryval’s founders, spoke to VICE about the firm’s ambitions to allow Americans to buy and trade associated crypto tokens ‘initial litigation offerings’. Read More

2. A gaming startup, Zupee, announced a funding of USD 102 million

The startup, Zupee, has raised funds worth USD 102 million, this round of funding was the Series B round of funding and was led by Nepean Capital, which is a Mumbai-based investment firm, which has made an investment of USD 72 million.  Read More


09 January 2022


Startup Weekly News


1. New AI health accelerator encourages start-ups to work smarter

The minds behind a new digital health accelerator want to ensure the local industry takes full advantage of the artificial intelligence revolution sweeping the medical practice. Read More

2. Reliance Makes Big Q-Commerce Bet With Dunzo Deal

Mukesh Ambani’s digital ambitions show no signs of slowing as Reliance has backed quick commerce and hyperlocal delivery startup Dunzo in a major way. Read More


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We, at OpenGrowth, are constantly looking for the latest news in the startup ecosystem. If you want to share any important news from last week, then do let us know in the comment section below.


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