Stay Off Your Screens for 24 Hours and Make $2400

  • 24th Mar'21
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No, this is not an April Fool’s promotion rather a legitimate chance for anyone to make $2400 simply by staying off your screens for 24 hours only. Named as the “24-Hour Digital Detox challenge” is a contest being hosted by


About is a Salt Lake City based company in Utah. It provides brand comparisons, research, buyer guides, and reviews on a range of home based products and devices. With the surge in people spending more time on their phones, laptops, and televisions during the Covid-19 pandemic, they want to test if a person can make it a full day without any of their buddy screens. Hence, they are seeking volunteers to find out the possibility and in-exchange for that will handily reward $2400 to anyone who passes the test.


Digital Detox Challenge


Covid-19 Impact on TV, Laptop, and Smartphones

Last year when the world was forced into lockdown, people had a tough time coping with the sudden change in developments. Children no longer had to go to school and adults no longer had to make the morning to reach their office on time. It was a dream scenario for sure but eventually, everyone had to wake up from this. This started missing their daily routine and somewhere they were constantly under stress due to being stuck in one place for weeks and months. Add to that, the inability to see their friends and family for a prolonged period, you had a recipe for a perfect mental disaster.

While this was one of the major side effects of the pandemic era, there was certainly someone to gain from it. In this case, it was the TV, laptop, and smartphones. With people finding it difficult to get themselves involved in the outdoor activities, they were stuck with limited indoor options. And this led them to invest a lot of their daily time on their mobile phone, laptop, and TV. Even several reports suggested that internet usage and online streaming had recorded all time high usage ratios.

Even themselves had conducted a survey where they found that the average American was spending more than 56 hours of their week watching TV and checking their phones every 8-9 minutes.


24-Hour Digital Detox challenge

While the major population of the country has grown addicted to their TV and mobile screens, there will be some who might look for other things. With this belief, the company stated in one of their announcements, “We have a feeling that someone out there needs a break.” And this led them to come up with a unique challenge known as the “24-Hour Digital Detox Challenge.”


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How the Digital Detox Challenge Will Work?

Participants or otherwise called the Detox Challenger will receive a safe to store all of their mobile phones and other devices. In return, they will receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card alongside a tech-free survival kit including board games, books, and writing materials to kill the time. There could be more suggestions provided by Once the challenge duration is over, every participant will be requested to submit their onscreen time reports. This is being used to determine whether the detox challenger had passed the challenge successfully or not.


Participating in the Digital Detox Challenge

If you are one of those people who are burnt from the daily experience of spending hours checking their mobile phones and watching TV? If you are one of those people, who wants to try something new? Who is looking for a refreshing experience? Then how about participating in a test that opposes the excessive use of mobile phones, TV, and laptop. And above all, if you pass in this challenge you will be rewarded with a $2400 cash prize as well. Isn’t this a win-win situation for you?

So, if you are interested to take part in this challenge then fill a short application form here. The last day for applying is 26th March 2021.


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