Take Coursera’s LevelSets: To Develop Your Critical Skills Faster

  • 30th Dec'21
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The rapid growth of innovations and digital transformation has created the urgency to acquire in-demand skills. However, students are unaware of the in-demand courses and struggle due to lack of time and frustration. 

To help the students out, Coursera has launched LevelSets, a new assessment tool designed to help their students understand their current proficiency in key business, technology and data skills. 

This new assessment is offered in their enterprise platform, LevelSets, comprising 20 different skill assessments so far. They have created this assessment using machine learning programs to help the learners. The initial assessment is very basic. It will test the proficiency in high-demand data and analytics skills that include data analysis, cloud computing, machine learning, Python, SQL, and many more.   

LevelSets enable learners to enroll in recommended courses and help them learn job-relevant skills faster. All these assessments can determine the importance of training and create a development path for learners. However, this assessment helps learners to enroll in high-quality content that motivates them to learn skills. 


evaluate your critical skills


How Can Level Sets Help Learners?


  • Time Saving And Developing Skills Faster

It helps to save the learner's time and motivates them to develop skills faster. However, Learners can complete assessments within 15 minutes and find their proficiency in existing skills. This can help them to save time and concentrate more on relevant content. So that learners can focus on the courses to increase their skill proficiency faster. 


  • Get Targeted Recommendations 

Experiencing a unique learning journey with a complete set of course assessments can target your goals. These recommendations and assessments will enable learners to develop critical skills faster.  Also, it helps them to get higher proficiency in a particular subject. This helps learners to choose ideal courses that match their requirements, avoiding advanced levels.


  • Acquire More Motivation 

Meanwhile, learners can develop a strong motivation to learn new skills and acquire a deep understanding of current skill levels as it comprises recommendations to improve learners’ proficiency.


  • Showcase Existing Skills 

LevelSets will also increase the learners’ desire to enroll in online certification courses. Establishing their existing skills and knowledge with the help of these assessments. It enables learners to demonstrate their proficiency in high-demand skills to explore succesful business ideas.


evaluate your skills


The fact is that IKEA, Pfizer, and Thermo Fisher Scientific have adopted LevelSets in early stages. By taking up the LevelSet assessment, learners are more likely to take up the courses within one day. Also, the LevelSet assessment records the course completion rate of 66% among other completed assessments. 

By taking up a LevelSet assessment, learners can gain knowledge in high-quality content from leading university and industry partners. This content is delivered in Skill-sets, a job-based learning program to enable learners to acquire a specific skill-set.


Content Recommendations

  • Machine Learning for All by Dr. Marco Gillies from the University of London

  • AWS Fundamentals: Migrating to the Cloud by Seph Robinson and Sean Rinn from Amazon Web Services

  • Understanding and Visualizing Data with Python by Professor Kerby Shedden, Brenda Gunderson, and Brady West from the University of Michigan

  • SQL for Data Science by Sadie St. Lawrence from University of California, Davis

LevelSets are now available to universities, companies and governments that offer Data and Analytics SkillSets. However, Coursera plans to launch LevelSets available for more than 300 SkillSets in the coming days. With LevelSets, Coursera aims to help learners find their strengths and focus on high-demand skills. Get the recommendations needed from biggest trends to thrive in the new economy.


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