Tamanna Sharma: Director of Earthling First, Working on Creating Clean and Green Sustainable Events

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Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” – Hilary Clinton.

Women are limitless, they can achieve everything that they desire. Hard work, dedication, disciple and consistency make a woman perfect. Many women entrepreneurs have glorified the business world. It is important to empower women globally. In this series, we have Tamanna Sharma, a young, dynamic and versatile entrepreneur working for a sustainable environment.

Meet Tamanna Sharma, she is the owner of Earthling First Corporation. The company has the tagline “Creating a Better Today for a Sustainable Future”. The entity helps the entrepreneurs in sustainable planning and facilitating waste disposal. Well, it is a well-known thought that there are some products and business excretions which create an adverse impact on the environment.

Therefore Tamanna Sharma has invented the best idea to reduce waste generation through sustainable planning tools. She is the leading lady to foster the mission of environmental sustainability in the world. She started a project in Jalori, Himachal Pradesh for waste management and providing eco-friendly tourism.

Environment sustainability is the prime issue that needs support. While we are busy with technological devices, some environmentalists are ready to lead the way!


Earthling First


Early Life and Career

Tamanna Sharma was born in New Delhi and is from an army family and activist background. At the time of learning journalism, she realized that she is more interested in the campaigns rather than reporting about them. So she became an environmental activist and worked on a waste management project for a company. She became part of the solutions rather than counting the problems.


How the idea took Place

Tamanna Sharma had the vision to become an environmental activist. She manifested her idea into reality by incorporating Earthling First as a sustainability consultancy. Her story is the inspiration for women and their successful self-funded businesses. Initially, there were five people in this startup. Later in 2017, Tamanna Sharma expanded the business and has worked with Maruti Suzuki, Devil Circuit, Oxfam and many more organizations.



In the initial days of the company, Tamanna Sharma faced the challenges of finding suppliers and event clients. The company tried to bring the unexposed local suppliers, instead of delivering the products from one place to another.

For the clients, they reached many corporations to give a message of go green. Well, some understood the idea and some had to be convinced. But later the market opened for them. The prime issue was governmental policies about waste management and environmental protection. As in most states of India, there were no standard rules of waste management mechanism. Incorporating sustainability into the operational budget was another prime challenge for the company.


What is Earthling First?

Earthling First is the waste management and sustainability consultancy. The corporation is working to provide better eco-friendly projects and was founded in 2016. It is One Person Company and incorporated with the capital of One Lakh rupees. Tamanna Sharma is the director and owner of the corporation. The headquarters of the company is in New Delhi. The corporation is organizing and dealing in sustainable events, green weddings, waste management, sustainable spaces and eco-retreat.


Jalori Project

The corporation recently started the Jalori Project in 2020, to protect the environment from plastic and burning waste. The reason behind choosing this destination is that Jalori is at 10282 feet above sea level.


Earthling First


Due to increased tourism, there is a huge amount of plastic waste and in absence of a proper waste management mechanism, It abolishes the atmosphere. This hurts the environment.

Covid 19, closed all the activities in the place and gave the chance to stakeholders of the company to look into the matter. Earthling first, found it an opportunity to implement sustainable environmental practices in the Jalori Pass.

The corporation has the aim to collect the plastic waste quickly and schedule this to recycle again. This prevents damage to the local area and increases the chances of tourism. Tamanna Sharma, the founder of the company, has made it possible.


Model Covers

Jalori is a place in Himachal Pradesh. The model is being implemented in 6 Km (Jalori Pass-Serolsar Lake) and 3Km (Raghupur Fort Hiking Route) areas of Mountain terrain. The project is collaborated by local businesses and authorities of Jalori Pass. The Model focuses on tourists’ interaction and awareness. The project aims to guide the tourist to the submission of plastic waste.


 EIA Notification 2020, and Tamanna Sharma

When the Janta curfew was announced in March 2020, everyone was at home. At the same time the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change was working. On 23 March, they approved a document draft Environment Impact Assessment notification 2020. This document is about how the construction, building and mining projects are creating a negative impact on the environment. The environmental law scrutinized this and they realized that there is a high level of pollution that is taking place. So this document was having very crucial environmental outcomes.

Thus in such a pandemic situation, there could not be any public consultation on this matter. Tamanna Sharma realized that the people or projects which are creating an adverse impact on the atmosphere, just pay the bribe in the name of a fine and get rid of the penal provisions. So she started a campaign through social media to cover this report and create awareness about the environmental protection laws. 

Construction without environmental impact assessment is the murder of human generation. The cost of preventing a disaster is always less than disaster management. This document signifies the sensitive and significant forest areas that are seriously affected by the environmental pollution aspects under the forest Act 1927.

With this, the document is going to dilute the environmental laws, which are going to affect us. If Covid 19 has taught us anything it is that the pandemic did not come just like that as zoonotic diseases happen because wildlife conversation is being played with. Today we cannot afford that''. -Tamanna Sharma.

Thus in this way the campaign was initiated by Tamanna Sharma in June 2020.  She is a passionate environmental activist and a successful entrepreneur. This shows women's empowerment. You can also join the woman empowerment programs for your passionate start-up idea. In the current scenario, female entrepreneurs are playing a vital role in boosting the economy.


Earthling First


 The First Project of Earthling First

Earthling First is working for creating green, clean and sustainable events through Pan India services. The first target of the company was to organize sustainable and eco-friendly events. As these events directly can approach the bulk waste generators. So the company first understood how segregation works. The entity experimented with it and partnered with the right waste management places.

Tamanna Sharma realized that the workers were not having the basic equipment such as gloves and masks so at first all these basic equipment were provided to them. The consultancy appointed more women so that the ratio of men and women was maintained along with solving the issues of getting women equal opportunity and the wage gap.

From the days of struggling to find the forte in waste management, Earthling First has become the testimony. This is all due to the hard work and dedicated spirit of Tamanna Sharma.



Tamanna Sharma is a lady with dedication. She inspired all the organizations which are ignoring the environmental sustainability aspects. We live on the earth, and it has given us many beautiful gifts in the form of natural resources. We should preserve these and protect the environment by following waste management and sustainable environmental footprints. 

We hope that you liked this Blog Tamanna Sharma and her success story as she founded Earthling First and has been working on many environmental sustainability projects.


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