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‘If you have a great team and the foundations of a great business model, then you will be able to survive any challenge that comes your way’ - Jenni Riley.


Jenni Riley: An Inspirational Woman in Tech

Making your name in the patriarchal society is indeed a tough job. You have to fight every single day to get what you deserve. Women are not supposed to be a part of the tech world; they are considered more to be related to the glamorous world or handle their family. But, we women are strong, and no matter how much people try to pull us down, we bounce back harder and stronger. Jenni Riley is one such woman who is an inspiration to many.

Co-founder of IT service provider ITARMI, Jenni wanted to be a mounted police officer, and in fact, she was determined to be one, but the rise in knife crime scared her off. Her career took a turn when she joined a motor trade company before setting up her own consultancy business focusing on business development, events, and marketing.

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ITARMI: ‘Uber for IT’

The on-demand IT service provider ITARMI connects businesses across the world with top-class technical talent. The app is user-friendly and packed with some extraordinary features. It directly connects customers with IT engineers. For any businesses that are in the need of IT support, the app connects them with geo-located IT engineers who can be on-site on the same day, with all the skill-matched to the request at hand.

Source: Google Play

Besides all other It needs, the ITArmi app aims to offer speed, transparency, agility, and cost savings. The app has a large base of highly skilled IT professionals with diverse capabilities, and so far, The app has 1,300 engineers signed up in 134 countries. Founded in 2016, the company focuses on providing organisations across the world with exactly the right type of support, irrespective of their needs. Apart from that, the app also includes communications tools, dynamic billing, and a review system to cover the end-to-end experience.

According to Brett Riley, the co-founder of ITARMI, the recent creation of ITArmi’s API gives the platform the ability to integrate with platform-as-a-service providers and provide seamless access for their clients to a global IT engineering workforce.

The goal of ITARMi is to become a global brand that uses its technology to change the way that IT managed services are delivered globally for the foreseeable future. With the mission to provide the highest quality of IT support services, ITARMI aims to be a direct IT staffing platform for businesses to fill their immediate hourly or daily IT needs. Jenni’s responsibility includes checking all back-office functions and ensuring the smooth daily running of the business. 


Empowering Women

Co-founder of an on-demand IT service provider, ITARMI, Jenni Riley is a passionate advocate for women in business and an active part of a steering group for business women in Surrey.

When she was in the motor trade, the environment was very much male-dominated, and she got many comments of sexism around her capabilities as “a woman.” But, she worked her way up the ladder by proving herself rather than giving in to the comments and negativity. She soon became a manager, and her responsibility included looking after a number of body-shops within the M25 and was responsible for the staff within them.

One piece of advice she followed and wants to give to all the women is always believe in yourself, and always use your voice without any fear, be it in front of investors, or customers, keep building a network, and keep driving forward to hit your goals.

Several websites and community pages focus on women in tech; still, there are only 17% of women working in tech. Addressing this, Jenni says that she always looks out for upcoming events where she can go as it’s a great way to network and meet similarly minded women. She follows pages supporting women, to name a few are: Women in Tech– which is a global movement, Women in STEM, and Female Empowerment.


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