Techniques for Painless Tattoo Removal

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There is an unnecessary buzz on getting your tattoo removed. People always complain about the pain removing a tattoo causes. It is even more intense than the pain caused while getting a permanent tattoo done on any part of your body. 

What if we say that now, you can get your tattoo removed painlessly? Doesn’t this sound exciting? While that fear is reasonable, it’s based on traditional tattoo removal methods that don’t take benefit of modern aspects of pain reduction. 

Let us take a look at these new pain-free tattoo removal techniques. 

Laser Tattoo Removal 

Tattoos have emerged as a trend in the last decade. Subsequently, the demand for effective removal of tattoos in a painless manner has also increased. The most effective and painless method to get your tattoos removed suggested by physicians is laser surgery. 

The laser tattoo removal technique is painless because doctors first give you a numbing agent. If the tattoos are bigger and can take a longer time for removal, doctors prefer injecting you with lidocaine to numb that part of the body. Though, in the laser tattoo removal technique, the color of the tattoo matters and not the size. However, the pain you’d endure removing a small tattoo is less ongoing than that which you’d suffer while removing a large tattoo, making it more tolerable for some.

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Invisible ink Tattoo

The idea of having an invisible tattoo might sound a bit odd. Tattoos are a pictorial art form and a method of self-expression. They can be reminders of lost dear ones, markers of our identity, expressions of self-love, and even political messages.

Nowadays people are having invisible ink tattoos done. According to a committee of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it’s because invisible ink tattoos could lead to favorable medical care.


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