The Dynamic Coalition on Internet & Jobs at UN’s Internet Governance Forum

  • 17th Jul'20
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Internet is the fourth most impactful innovation in human history after the fire, the wheel, the electricity. As we move ahead with technologies and tools built to influence the Internet, scepticism is evolving ground on the potential impact of the Internet on taking away jobs.

The United Nations established the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) as a global multi-stakeholder platform to have policy dialogue on Internet governance issues. The Dynamic Coalition on ‘Internet & Jobs’, under the IGF, realises that there is a lack of sustainable and responsible automation. Thus, this gives the potential of the Internet to build jobs and strengthen the local economies. 

Dynamic Coalition on ‘Internet & Jobs’ is an initiative taken by Professor Rajendra Pratap Gupta at the IGF.

You can find more about the coalition on their official website:


Goals To Achieve 


The dynamic Coalition on ‘Internet & Jobs’ will serve to achieve two main goals: 

1. To build jobs across sectors and geographies, through a multi-stakeholder, ecosystem strategy of; Connect, Coordinate, Activate, Train, and Enable.

2. Help people realise the human resource and entrepreneurial capability of the Internet across the globe. 


Plan Of Action 


The collation is working on achieve these goals by:

1. Publishing an annual report on ‘Internet & Jobs’ which will capture the opportunities, best practices, and success stories, to motivate people to leverage the Internet to create local economies and connect them to the global opportunities.

2. Organizing online and offline workshops on how regional communities can leverage the Internet for a suitable life.

3. Showing real-life fictions and brainstorm ideas and inventions at the local IGF and annual ( Internet Governance Forum) IGF meetings.


OpenGrowth’s Contribution 


The Dynamic Coalition, aims to work with individuals, communities, universities, organizations, and the governments to boost the goals of building a vibrant digital economy benefiting local jobs.

We are proud to announce as one of the stakeholders. We are excited to be part of this initiative. We look forward to engage with this alliance with our initiative and give our best in achieving the goals set by the coalition. OpenGrowth looks at this as an opportunity to participate in making a difference on the global level. 

mPrivacy. org is an initiative for all the telcos and mobile operators to come together and support a common standard for ethical data exchange that is both privacy-preserving while being risk-aware.

We, at OpenGrowth, are always willing to collaborate with different organizations to give transformative ideas and contribute in building future generations. We have a vision - Do Well, Do Good. Serving the world by showing entrepreneur’s a promising way to build a profitable business and also inspiring social entrepreneurs to realize their unique social impact mission; thereby making the world a better place.


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