The First Eight Startup Roles to Hire

  • 21st Nov'21
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"The #1 challenge that most startup founders speak about is recruiting people." – Ben Yoskovitz


In any startup, the founder and entrepreneur have one significant challenge they cannot avoid – Hiring Talents. Hiring talents is essential because having the right people in the right place can benefit your business and generate growth value. Another reason employees are the biggest asset for a company is constant innovation to have an edge on the market. But here is an interesting observation I have had when it comes to hiring talents.

Most startups, mainly the early-stage startups, focus on hiring the right talent in startups for their listed job description. Now, there is nothing wrong with it (in fact, it's a great process), but many startups fail to realize that to attract and evaluate the right talent in the early stage startups is just one-half of the whole. The other half doesn't get the importance it should get, i.e., for which positions you should hire first? Therefore, here is an eye-opener for every up-and-coming startup where they should start the hiring process. And I call them the first eight important startup roles that you should hire in the startup.




Why are the First Eight Startup Roles Important?

The first eight roles in any startup are the most important as they represent and are responsible for one-eight parts of the future of your startup. So, there is no reason why you shouldn't focus and pay the most essential to hire the first eight employees or people. Each decision made by them will have a compound effect on your business. Thus, deciding the future of your business. Therefore, here is a list of the first eight people you must hire in a Startup.




First Eight Startup Roles to Hire

Following is a list of the first eight people for the specific roles that every startup must hire. The list represents the hiring from the top and later expanding the team under it.


1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operations Officer (COO)

CEO and COO are undeniably the two most critical roles in any business. The CEO represents the most prominent role in the company. The person holding the position has maximum control over the company. The person is also responsible for the company's future direction, work culture, and vision. COO, on the other hand, is primarily responsible for carrying out the day-to-day operations. COO operates under the guidelines of the CEO to keep the business running.


2. Product Manager

Businesses mainly get built around a product and services it wants to sell to attain growth and progress. Therefore, every product requires a product manager. The product manager is responsible for product management and working strategies to keep it in demand. Furthermore, the product manager is also responsible for the team member that works on the product.


3. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

It is crucial to have a startup specializing in the technology and development process required for business success in a technology-driven era. Such a specific role mainly goes by the name CTO (Chief Technology Officer). The CTO role requires the skills to overall decide what will work best for the business and accordingly oversee the integration and management of various systems that go in it. Also, they must have awareness and knowledge about everything from hardware to software and mobile technology to keep the business running.


4. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Just like a startup needs a CTO to keep the systems involved in the business function seamlessly, it will need someone to focus on your customer entirely. That role gets defined as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). The CMO is mainly responsible for keeping a complete track of your existing and target customer base. CMO must further stay aware of how those customers are viewing the product or service the startup offers. Therefore, CMO needs to have excellent marketing and promotional skills to ensure the company vision becomes relatable to as many customers as possible.


5. Sales Manager

After the company's startup has deployed the marketing plans and strategies to engage and bring more attention to its product with the help of a CTO, it will need a sales manager. The sales manager is essential as they are responsible for generating new leads and making sales.


6. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

While many startup founders and owners like to control their company finances, the more intelligent and ideal move is to outsource the accounting and finance to a professional. It is crucial because mismanaged finances can easily break down a startup within its first two years. Hence, hiring a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is ideal to have in the startup team. The CFO can watch the smallest of financial details, which owners or unprofessional can easily oversee. As a result, they can prevent the company from unnecessary spendings and prevent major economic issues.


7. Business Development Manager (BDM)

The work of a BDM (Business Development Manager) and Sales Manager are pretty similar. Here the latter is responsible for generating leads and converting them into sales. Likewise, the former, i.e., BDM, is responsible for finding ways to grow the business from a marketing and sales standpoint. For example, BDM is accountable for helping the startup develop working relationships or partnerships with the other business avenues to increase its revenue and set it up for growth.


8. Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Lastly, we have the eight most crucial roles to hire in a startup, i.e., CSR (Customer Service Representative). CSRs are responsible for building on the developed business and customer relations by the BDM and CMO, respectively. Afterall, despite the quality of your product or service, the ceiling of your growth will depend on how effectively you communicate about it to your clients and customers. Therefore, from taking inquiry calls to handling complaints, the startups should have CSR for it.


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