The New Global Financial Technology (FinTech) Norm: Post COVID-19

  • 12th Apr'21
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Covid-19 has modified our businesses, communities, industries, and the entire world in a way we couldn’t have even thought of. All people still learn and adapt as quickly as the potential to retort to the continued crisis.

The new normal for banking

As in the countries across the world, the foremost priorities for banking and money service suppliers are focused on four key areas: 

  • making certain the security of the workers while maintaining productivity;

  • adjusting operating models and services to support customers and people who need the most assistance;

  • minimizing any operational disruption to stay services running while meeting restrictive & compliance obligations; and 

  • mitigating & managing risk.



While the arena has been at the forefront of digital transformation, the new normal has created it look beyond just a customer-facing digital layer, and develop overall capabilities that are integrated across each side of banking. The lockdowns exhibit a variety of challenges at small and macro levels and even organizations that are technologically adept face roadblocks in navigating the new normal in banking.

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FinTech will drive the new business model

Global investments in FinTech more than tripled in 2014, reaching more than $12 billion. In comparison, banks spent an estimated $215 billion on IT worldwide in 2014, including hardware, software, and internal and external services. This is a material number, and because it is so highly targeted, the FinTech spending will really make an impact.

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