The Progress In Semiconductor Innovation With LMC

  • 27th Apr'21
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Semiconductor technology

EECS Professors Chenming Hu, Tsu-Jae King Liu, Jeffrey Bokor Associate in Nursingd Sayeef Salahuddin were featured in an IEEE Spectrum article concerning efforts to track and showcase the exponential pace of progress in semiconductor technology – the very foundation of computing and communication devices, networks, and systems. 

For several decades, Moore's Law has been used to gauge this trend with the number of transistors on the most advanced microprocessor chip doubling every two years, due to advances that allow more miniaturization of the semiconductor unit. However, what happens as physical limits similar to the finite size of atom-like particles and also the speed of the sun is approached? Will development in semiconductor technology shrink? 

As co-inventors of the “FinFET” that enabled the trade to shrink transistors to below ten nanometers in the physical dimension, Hu, Liu and Bokor have the presence to advocate for a far better trade metric to point out that progress in semiconductor technology is restricted solely by human power and ingenuity – because it invariably has been.

In June 2019 was invented the dubbed “LMC” (logic, memory, connection).  This new metric needs a more holistic picture of technology advancement to enable computing production to grow at an exponential speed through increases in the frequencies of logic (computing) devices, memory (information storage), and the density of connections (wiring) between logic and memory devices on a chip. The LMC is seen as the driver of a new era of innovation in semiconductors.




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