The Rise of Conscious Consumerism

  • 8th Sep'20
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Buy less, choose well!

Consumerism has revolved around the idea that has increased the consumption of goods and services. It is always desirable that each individual’s happiness and well-being depends basically on material possessions. Consumerism is related to the constant purchasing of new goods and services, with little awareness of their actual need, durability, product origin, and the environmental and social outcomes involved in their manufacturing, usage, and disposal.

In the era of consumerism, convenient and easy-to-use products have taken over the market without really looking into their sustainability.

Consumerism infringes with the sustainable use of resources in society by replacing the ordinary common-sense desire for an adequate supply of life’s necessities, with an insatiable quest for things that are purchased by larger and larger earnings to buy those things.


Conscious Consumerism

Conscious consumerism directs on making positive decisions throughout the buying process, with the intention of helping to counteract some of the negative impacts that consumerism has on the globe. It is the protection of the rights and interests of the general pool of buyers or an obsession with buying material goods or items. Some common examples of consumerism can be laws and rules that protect people who shop and spend, obsession with shopping and acquiring stuff etc.


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Conscious Consumer Brands

With the concern for the environment, there are brands that are embracing the second age of consumerism. It will also dig up the skeletons in their closet and take a position on human rights, social justice and diversity. It has become the marketing industry’s favourite buzzword, with skimpy progress to show for all its posturing. It has a new way to increase the brand value in the market.


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Conscious Consumer Trends

In today's era, there is a new variety of consumer on the horizon who are conscious, conscientious and knowledgeable when it comes to purchasing products. Their consumption patterns are guided by how a product was created, where it was sourced and the equipment it’s made from. United in their approach, conscious consumers are important and want a more meaningful interaction with brands. They follow new trends, based on their needs and wants. 


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Tips to Attract Conscious Consumers

To begin with, an environmentally friendly business is important to perceive as an inconvenient and costly endeavor. But don’t be fooled by what the industry is telling you. Now more than ever, being eco-friendly is a great way to reduce costs and preserve the environment. Not only that, but consumers are noticing which businesses are making the effort, and accordingly shifting towards such businesses.


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Her passion includes creative writing, reading and playing around words. She is looking forward to bringing some change with the power of pen and thoughts. Mic and pen are her best friends.

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