The Tattooed Chef and their Free Vegetable Tattoos

  • 29th Aug'21
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When food adulteration has taken over the world by storm, only a handful of food companies are doing wonders by growing and selling organic food products. One such rarity is the "Tattooed Chef."

Tattooed Chef is a plant-based food company that utilizes sustainable ingredients to bring food to your plate. Most of its products are from Italy, but they operate in New York and California currently. The founder, Sarah Galetti, expresses her passion for creating something tangible but better for the planet and how her travel diary inspired her to launch the company. The company gets its name Tattooed Chef from Sarah as she loves tattoos and has plenty on herself too.

The brand has recently launched its initiative, "Ink Your Greens," which blends the idea of tattoos and vegetables. Basically, it is a campaign to increase the visibility of the Tattooed Chef and promotes plant-based diet i.e. organic food. Before we learn more about the campaign, it's noteworthy to know that the Tattooed Chef does all the food handling, from growing the crop to getting it to the customer's table. It also offers immense varieties that can suit any diet. The fresh food collected is frozen, if not sold, and stored to keep its nutrients intact.


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Ink Your Greens

As mentioned above, the company wanted to increase its customer base by a simple yet fun initiative of tattooing a vegetable. July 8th to July 11th opened the window for anyone older than 18 years and a California or New York resident to register themselves for a free vegetable tattoo. The idea itself is unique and a reminder of how much veggies are essential in our daily food intake.

Sarah believes that tattoos are a personal show of love and is a great way to look special. The appointment would have taken about seven winners from California and ten from New York on July 17th, National Tattoo Day. The winners would have gotten a chance to ink their favorite vegetable up their sleeve and symbolize their love for organic food and veggies in particular. However, the winners will get tattooed only in California and New York because the artists are only available in those two states.




Innovation in Products

It's no surprise that food companies dole out the best packets that look gorgeous and taste ambrosial. But what sets Tattooed Chef's products apart is the organic ready-to-cook bowls rich in nutrition. Examples of products include acai and smoothie bowls, cauliflower pizza crusts, burgers, fried stuff and a range of other packed food. Tattooed Chef has its e-commerce platform and also caters to famous retailers in the United States like Costco and Target, and Whole Foods. It is slowly moving from the niche plant-based customers to the whole market through its robust research on consumers' changing lifestyles and healthy living. It attempts to release every chef-made product after several trials to ensure the food is healthy and tasty.




Styling the Food Trend

The founder's idea to merge food and tattoo itself depicts the strategic marketing of the food brand. Of course, Ink Your Greens is a new venture, and the plant-based food brand is all set to diversify, but the tattoo's alignment with an exclusive vegetable elucidates the concern of showing what's right. Vegetables are an important staple, and reminding people to adopt healthy food habits is a superb initiative. Sarah mentions how delighted she feels to give back happiness through this fun indulgence.




Reason to Celebrate

2020 was indeed a challenging year for everyone, and businesses too went down abruptly. Tattooed Chef is doing its bit to save the planet while bringing joy to tattoo lovers and expanding its operation. Another significant feature to not miss out on is the ready-to-eat food packs that are convenient for consumers. We must understand that plant-based food needs a lot of attention and support as much work goes into making the best product. Some might argue about the cost surge because of the whole process; however, it is only logical to invest in your health now rather than giving into fast food temptations.

Plant-Based food keeps our heart healthy and helps us fight against serious diseases. It keeps our cholesterol in check, improves our brain, and brings us food variety in vegetarian supplements. So while you calculate the innumerable benefits of the plant-based diet, we must be grateful for food brands like Tattooed Chef to think out of the box and do all the groundwork to keep us fit and flexible. I am sure we all await a franchisee at our locations too!


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