This 4-foot box fits an entire home-gym inside it and costs as much as a smartwatch

  • 25th Mar'21
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Home Gym

A home gym is a compact unit of equipment designed to allow you to perform many exercises at one station. These are also called multi-gyms or multis. These workstations are designed to fit into a spare room, basement, or garage so that you can do weight training at home.

Many people have thought of starting their gym training, but there are many reasons which stop them from doing so. These could be, covering the long distance to go to the gym, paying huge amounts regularly, and many more. Nowadays, people prefer having a home gym so that they can save their time and money, but they are not moveable.

Imagine having an entire home-gym inside a 4-food box. Yes, this Gym Box indeed allows you to fit all your home gym-equipment into something small enough to slide under your bed or into the bottom shelf of your wardrobe.

It sounds unbelievable how so much equipment can be adjusted in just a 4-foot box. Well, believe it because it can be possible. Once you open the box, its parts can be configured into various arrangements or even used independently. 


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Gym Box- An Entire Gym in a Box

This smart home gym set contains a resistance platform and multiple resistance-bands. It can be used in various ways, spanning more than 165 exercises to give you full-body workouts for losing weight, toning up, or building muscle mass. It is perhaps one of the smallest all-in-one home-gyms, which weighs just 28 lbs and is not more than 45-inches in length. The best part is it doesn't cost you much and available at the same price as your Apple watch. Read more.


Exercises you can do using the Gym Box


1. Box Exercises

The box which is used for storing can itself be used for planks, jumps, step-ups, aerobics, cardio, strength training, etc.


2. Resistance Exercises

The Gym Box has resistance bands and at each end of the band, there are carabiners for quick attachment and release along with the level of resistance. The resistance ranges from 10-300 pounds for each hand with 10-pound increments. You can use it as per your need, a single band, or stack up to four bands.


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3. Standing Exercises

The box lid is designed in a way that when you open the lid and flip it, it becomes the band anchor station for all the resistance exercises. It can also be used as a platform for all your standing exercises.


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