Tips for Building Trust with Clients After Onboarding

  • 18th Apr'22
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Once upon a time, a boy loved having candies daily. He would visit the candy shop nearest to his home to buy some candies whenever he would get some money from his parents. One day there was a long line at the candy shop, so impatiently, he went over to the candy shop next to it. That night he fell sick and decided to never go back to the other candy shop despite the long queue he may come across.

Now, you must wonder what the point of this story is. Well, there are two points I precisely want to make out of this. One is of trust, and the other is of consistency. The candy shop has earned the boy's trust through its quality candy and polite services. Meanwhile, the boy never needed to check nearby shops because he got everything he needed in that candy.

You can notice a business-client relationship in action there. it's like a team and the team buildings work is It runs fluidly until a brief breakpoint post which it continued to exist like before. The reason it did is mainly due to the candy shop owner. There's nothing said about him in the story, but it's him who nurtured such a firm business owner-client relationship. And it may seem simple on the surface, getting customer or client's trust after onboarding is always tricky, as reflected by the other candy shop experience.



Why Building Clients' Trust is Important?

If you have been into any business or industry for some time, you don't need me to tell you why. However, all of you aspiring entrepreneurs who have just stepped into the work zone must know one thing. Irrespective of the industry or business you are into, the only way to achieve continued progress and success is not dependent on getting new clients on board. Instead, it is about building a trustworthy working relationship with them similar to gaining the trust of your new team.

Yes, you may tell how difficult building trust with new clients is. It is supposed to be difficult; else, don't you think anyone would have done it quickly. Now, focusing on the tricky part, I can help you with a proper solution - tips for building trust with clients after onboarding.


Tips for Building Trust with Clients


Tips for Building Trust with Clients After Onboarding

By the end of this article, you can read and know about some valuable tips that have helped people worldwide, including me, to retain clients after onboarding. After all, the retainers require trust and not getting them onboard, right. So, let's check out these fantastic tips for building trust with clients, and I hope they come in handy in your entrepreneurial journey or business down the line.


Stay Honest and Transparent

In school, we were taught - that honesty is the best policy. As soon as I stepped into building my career, I realised that it is one of the most important things here. Onboarding a new customer can become a tricky process. They trust you with their business, and they need to know they can trust you. 

It is so critical that you remain transparent and honest with them from the get-go. It means being open about your skills, experiences, and even your limits. It also means being honest about your rates and what the client can expect at that rate from you in terms of results. The more honest and believable you come across to the new client, the easier it will be for them to trust you.

Make Them Feel Valued

Everyone stays in someone's life until they feel valued, right. Whether personal life or professional, if the other person sees no value in you, chances are severe that you will lose that person. The same applies to the new clients too. It would be best if you remembered it is challenging to get a new client on board, and however, it's more challenging to keep them working with you. And one main reason businesses lose clients is because they undervalued and underappreciated the client.

Especially in today's digital age, clients can expect to contact us at any time of the day. And you must necessarily be ready to meet the new client's needs to build trust. Being responsive will show that you're invested in their relationship and care about their business side. Furthermore, it makes them feel prioritised, which is always a positive sign of building a healthy, trustworthy relationship with the new client after onboarding. Also, it is a sign of a great company culture that everyone prefers.


Stay Prompt in Action

The new clients can have immediate doubts or concerns while doing business with you. Your job as an able businessman or administrator must ensure that you immediately pay heed to any inconveniences or concerns. New clients are always slightly apprehensive when they start to work with a new person or company. 

They will often have doubts if they made the right decision by doing business. They will constantly put your skillset and abilities under the radar and keep a close watch to understand if you can meet their needs or if you will be able to meet their expectations. 

Hence, it's essential to address their concerns quickly and efficiently, as the more time you take to address their concerns, the deeper their doubts will get rooted. And it is something you must avoid at any cost. So, if you can show them that you are responsive and care about their needs, it will go a long way. Make sure your customers know they can count on you and address their concerns anytime, as it is one of the best ways to build trust with them.


Be Upfront about Offers

As you onboard a new client, it is natural that they will have some expectations from you, and they will inform you about their requirements and needs. Now, here you can either over promise and under deliver or promise and over-deliver in terms of results. The former will always put you at risk of losing the new client immediately. However, the latter is a sure-shot way of developing a long-term business relationship. As a result, you must remain careful about what you offer your clients in exchange for the rates you want to charge them.

So, when you meet someone for the first time, it's crucial that you honestly tell them about your expectations and what you can offer in return. Otherwise, you likely will set yourself up for a massive disappointment. When you clearly state what you expect from the new client, you allow them the space to get rid of any doubt they may have to do business with. Simultaneously, it can help you build trust and avoid misunderstandings along the way. 

Yes, every client is not the same and therefore, the experiences may vary while you practice. However, in the long run, you must follow this important tip. Let the new customers know what your process looks like, what kind of feedback you need from them, and how long they can expect to get the work done. By being clear about your expectations from the start, you can help build a long-lasting and successful working relationship with your new clients.


Practice Courtesy

If you want growth and success in your career, you shouldn't just think about getting the job done. Some minute and critical things outside the realms of getting paid for the work done go a long way in establishing any business. And those are simple words like thank you, welcome, hope you had a great experience working with us, etc.

When you practice them or add them to your ways of work, you immediately provide an excellent work experience. And in today's time, many people will choose to avail such experiences in their career rather than making millions in months. Hence, whenever you get a chance, don't miss out on exercising such kind gestures to your new and existing clients.


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