Tips For Giving Successful Podcast Interviews

  • 7th May'21
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Interviews play a vital role for any person to establish his/her professional standards. An interview conducted through any medium counts for any professional. Podcasts too is a perfect forum for people to conduct interviews of experts who can share their insights and tips on their area of expertise. podcast platforms are there where we can achieve the advantages of its features that it provides to us.

A flawless interview needs to follow certain guidelines, flow, significance, and integrity. It provides interview tips and tricks that have adapted to and become successful productive experts in their respective fields. 


Podcast interview


How to Give a Successful Podcast Interview?

Here are a few best practices to make your podcasting life simpler, whether you’re an ongoing host or a frequent guest:

For Guest:


Giving an interview is like appearing for an examination. You need to be prepared well. What is in your mind should be reflected in your words in a correct manner, which can be possible only if you have done your homework well. 


Listening to your host is a very important part of giving an interview. You will not be able to answer the questions precisely if you don't listen to the question carefully. Since you have to be to the point while answering your questions in an interview, listening to the host/question posed by anyone in the audience is very important. 


podcast interview successful tips


Be Yourself

Be natural and just talk like converse with your friends over a cup of coffee. Remember, you’re the specialist speaking on a topic that you have expertise in. You’ll be talking to people who are interested in the information you have to share. It is better to be candid and open about your knowledge and subjective experiences. 

For Host: 

Let your guest shine

One mistake that hosts usually do is they try to dominate the conversation or interview. Interview tips for hosts that mainly People listen to interviews because they want to listen to the guest and get their opinions and perspective on the respective subjects they excel in. Let your guest speak and shine. Keep your questions short and crisp so the guest gets maximum time to talk and understand the questions easily. Long questions may tend to confuse the interviewee. 

Let your guest complete

 Another very important thing to keep in mind while interviewing anyone is letting the guest experts complete the sentence. Do not cut or stop the guest during the process of answering questions.


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