Top 10 Benefits of Salesforce CRM

  • 10th Sep'21
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As the business models shift more towards customer-centric experiences, companies are doing their best to streamline more processes and technologies to initiate better relationships and interactions with their existing and potential new customers. And when it comes to achieving those goals alongside improved engagement and keeping all the historical customer data in one place for future references, there's nothing better than Salesforce CRM software. Also, it helps to create an effective sales funnel to nurture customers.




Salesforce CRM also exceeds the expectations in comparison to other CRM software available out there. Also, when it comes to CRM system, it provides excellent customer service tools and marketable automated features to help the company manage good relationships with its leads and customers. With its other features such as messaging, sharing files, email integrations, etc. - Salesforce further allows the company to nurture better relationships with their customers by understanding their requirements more.


Benefits of Salesforce CRM

While the base of what makes Salesforce CRM one of the most evident customer relationship management tools is prominent, its benefits help a business reach customer expectations. These benefits include:




1. Automation Tools

For any business to prosper, communication with customers needs to be top-notch. After all, the delayed response triggers or pushes away potential and an existing customer to the competitors. However, with Salesforce, companies no longer have to worry about delayed reactions anymore. It is because of the automation tools it uses to initiate instant communication with the customers through chats on its website.


2. Data Analytics Tools

With the help of data analytic tools, companies keep track of the customer's past records and help themselves understand better customers' expectations and requirements. Ultimately, with the help of data analytic tools, company's can set up marketing campaigns and strategies to bring more engagement to their sites.


3. Tracking Customer Activity

To gain any customer's loyalty, a company will have to understand the details and behavior of their customer's activities. Salesforce CRM has a Sales Cloud feature that allows the company to track customer's records, contact details, backgrounds, etc. that can help a company make practical changes to its strategies and plans for better performances.


4. Data Syncing

You must know that several social media sites allow users to syncing their data from one platform to another in some capacity. Salesforce Mobile App also allows for such data syncing where your business can integrate data from different apps in one place. Such flexibility offered by Salesforce CRM ensures that your company has an easier time analyzing all the essential data to be more efficient.


5. Customer Assistance

With the pandemic in effect, practicing social distancing is exceptionally critical. As a result, businesses must provide methods to their customers that they can use for interaction with the company virtually. Salesforce's online chat feature, Live Agent, is a great chat box to accomplish that goal.


6. Omnichannel Feature

Replying to numerous customers at a time can be difficult. I mean, whoever can have an easier time switching between multiple accounts to respond to their followers without delay? Nobody. Salesforce service control provides an omnichannel feature that brings a unified approach that provides customers a consistent experience and helps the company to generate leads.


7. Customer Engagement

It is a proven method that consistent engagement with customers is what helps a company gain loyalty. Also, for any company's long-term sustainability and profit, it is crucial to have loyal customers. Loyal customers help businesses grow through their organic positivity word of mouth by bringing in more eyeballs to the brand or its product and services. With Salesforce, a company can launch several marketing campaigns that can help bring in personal engagement with the existing customers, such as email marketing.


8. Keeps the Audience in One Place

For effective management and processing of essential measures, a company must keep all its user's and customer's data in one place. It helps with organizing and analyzing the data in the best possible manner. Salesforce includes Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Analytics for its users to ensure better Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


9. Builds App

Nowadays, many people have a mobile phone. Also, more than browsing about a product and service, customers prefer looking out for apps that help them accomplish such activities. After all, customers find apps more convenient and easier to use than browsing multiple pages on a web browser to land the information they have been looking for, for so long. With Salesforce CRM, companies can even build their apps to ensure better connectivity and engagement with their customers.


10. Gather Insights

In any business, the more knowledge you will have about your customers, the better your chances of success will be. Having more knowledge about the customers will help you better understand what's working and what isn't. Salesforce CRM has Marketing Cloud Insights that ensure its users can comfortably gather insights related to their customers. With the Marketing Cloud Feature, you can analyze the customers' behavior and detect the latest trends bringing in better engagement and get your business rank high on Google maps.


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