Top 5 Technology Trends Used For K-12 

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Today’s classroom is filled with technology, from more familiar tools like interactive whiteboards to emerging tech like augmented reality, not to mention tablets and laptops. While a quality laptop is an essential tool in any K-12 or college educators’ teaching toolkit, a great tablet can do a lot of what a laptop can do while boasting improved portability and ease of use. Rather than lugging a laptop everywhere they go, an educator can slip a tablet into their bag and remain connected when it comes to communicating with students and doing helpful research for future lessons.


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Top 5 Devices Used for K-12 Students


1. Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is an up-and-coming  Startup trend in tech Wearable technology wraps a wide range of items—from assistive technology for learners with disabilities to devices to stimulate motivation and participation. 

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a trend that lessens many frustrations with computing. The capacity to save in the cloud, dealt with and amended anywhere at any time with google workspaces, has proven to be incredibly useful.

3. Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning will proceed to be a significant trend in K–12 education. From playing PowerPoint Jeopardy for test reviews to app-based game innovation applications, integrating games, technology, and education will be a popular approach and the use of technology in education became a need towards education development.


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4. Augmented Reality

AR appears to be an often overlooked, or underrated, trend. While there are many instances where AR can be used barely as a gimmick, applications such as HP Reveal have near-limitless uses and could be used in any curricular subject to incorporate technology and make for a richer educational experience.

5. IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) comprises a wide variety of technologies, from auto-starting a car with an app to modifying a thermostat over a wifi connection. It’s anticipated that this trend will proceed to grow in tech. The possibilities for IoT in K–12 education are endless.


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