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  • 7th Mar'21
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Change is the only constant. In the rise of 2020, we were faced with innumerable challenges revolving around various atrocities of our life. We have learned to cope up with these challenges and get into the new normal. However, some people have used these challenges and have built them into opportunities to do something remarkable. We have a sheer example of the same.

Tori Donnelly, the co-founder of WorkClub hails from a small town called Maple Plain in Minnesota, has many degrees to her credit. A pleasing personality, Tori wears many hats. With a mission to make a forever change in the way people work, this new mom juggles everyday to balance work-life making sure to research her way to grow her startup.






The Idea Behind

Towards the end of her MBA, Tori desperately needed a workspace that was quiet and well-lit. Well to her dismay, her friends headed to the library which was enclosed with half working Wifi and did not have the brightest of the lights. This made her think if she could ever work from a place that felt quite a monotone and bland. She quickly headed to a naturally bright and spacious hotel, ordered some coffee, and did all her work. To her, a workspace is much more than just a desk. It should be able to cater to the different needs of different individuals.

Flexibility ensures most production. People should be able to work from where they work best. Be it a home office, a coworking space, an office, or a local pub or restaurant. Everyone works differently and so their workspaces must be as different as they prefer. Today WorkClub has over 150 hospitality and co-working partners including The Office Group, Hilton Marriott, and the Runway East and it is growing at a rate of 101% per month.

Coming Together is a Beginning

Tori credits her success to her co-founder and her team entirely as she believes they pulled through difficult times because of their strong foundation. Being a mother at the start of her entrepreneurial journey was nothing sort of a disruption, but that never stopped her from venturing for more. She wanted to create a business around her life and she did.

WorkClub follows the idea that anyone can work from anywhere. It takes into consideration the remote working needs of the employees, offers flexibility, saves time, and encourages wholesome living. It focuses on making positive changes by timely feedback from venues, customers, employees, etc.


Adversity leads to Opportunity

WorkClub has benefitted many but mostly it worked wonders for the new parents, for those who working remotely and tending to childcare is the need of the hour. The global pandemic pushed the makers to combine technology with necessity and the brand flourished even with so many lockdowns.

Her adverse situations made her believe what she was worthy of, and she endured it all to become a role model for many others like her. Although she finds a great support system in her husband it's never easy being a mom and working full time on her business. She reveals how she makes it work by the delegation of tasks that she can, by going easy on her house chores, and by prioritizing.


Future Plans

Tori sees a future where people not just work but live through it. She wants WorkClub to be in every city in the UK. The future holds great expansion plans for the Club. It ensures having more amenities like onsite gyms, childcare, breastfeeding facilities, etc. It also would likely give more opportunities to women as the future is female. She also wants to support the youth in fighting against unemployment. 


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Her Message to Women & Entrepreneurs 

There are so many barriers for women still everywhere, be it the gender-based pay gap, bias over the opposite gender, or the fear of rising above the all-men workplace. However, believing in oneself is the key. Work is a mindset and not a destination. The trigger is to keep it normal and not have guilt. 

Working smart, moving out of failures quickly and motivating self by a quick escape from the monotony, reconnecting with oneself, and most importantly communicating throughout are some of the handy techniques.  One Life! 



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