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Smart Home Trends


Smart homes are the domestic face of the Internet of Things. In recent years we’ve become increasingly used to engaging everyday devices in our homes to the internet and to each other to make the places we live more comfortable, economical, entertaining, and safe. There are different smart home trends like Homes that Set the Mood, More Intuitive Kitchens, Invisible Charging and many more.


Future of Smart home


This trend is certainly set to proceed into the next decade – research states that the value of the smart home device market is assigned to grow from $55 billion in 2016 to $174 billion by 2025. In other words, what we see today in terms of associated, smart home appliances and applications is just the tip of the iceberg.

As the technology underpinning this uprising in how we live continues to get faster and more influential, we can expect home automation and artificial intelligence to propose domestic help in new and creative ways. In the past couple of years, there have been many improvements within the domain of Smart Homes that focus on healthcare. One of the biggest problems with Smart Homes assisting the elderly is making them user friendly. It is often hard for them to operate electronic devices and since these devices are important for their health and wellness they need to be able to operate them.

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Real Estate Industry


Smart home services provide an entire range of benefits. Some are related to financial benefits while others are related to comfort, all factors that would extensively impact real estate. This has bought some tremendous benefits to real estate firms in closing deals and generating more revenue. Here are a few examples: 

Tech startups such as DocuSign and recent Zillow acquisition Dotloop were first innovators in bringing the transaction process online through the ability to e-sign documents. Now, startups such as Qualia are putting all transaction documents inside one transaction hub where lenders, agents, and clients can interact and view all phases of the transaction.

Some luxury real estate brokers have used technologies such as Oculus for an extensive virtual reality experience. A potential buyer can get the experience of stepping through the home as if they were there. 

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