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Long gone are the days when choosing commercial dog food simply meant picking between tins or bags of biscuits. Nowadays, commercial food has been boosting in leaps and bounds.

As the spring arrives dog owners run a poll on what do you mostly feed your dog? Through this poll, they are able to choose between different types of foods available from dry kibble to raw, from wet to home-cooked. There are interesting dog food trends observed and are starting to emerge. These trends could mean some big shifts in the pet food industry in the not so distant future.


Types of Dog Food

There are different types of foods on which dogs can be fed together or rotated. Every dog owner doesn’t need to stick to just one or two of the food options rather than can choose their food according to their dog’s age and taste.

Click on the links to read about all the types of dog food.

Types of dog food:

PFMA represents numerous manufacturers of different pet foods. These can be complete or complementary, wet, dry or raw.  ALL members of PFMA adhere to strict legislation and provide nourishing food for your pet. To know more, Click here

Which type of dog food is best:

This article has compared the pros and cons of different types of dog food - kibble, homemade, canned, raw, freeze-dried and dehydrated - to make your decision of what to feed your dog a little easier! To read about it, Click here

Best dog food brands:

Just take a walk down the dog food aisle and you'll realize that pet nutrition contains just as many buzzwords as the human kind: Grain-Free! Human-Grade! Healthy-Weight! Sorting through the noise and picking great kibble for your pup can feel daunting, but here, experts are sharing solid tips to make it all easier. To know more, Click here

Pet food, diet types:

In the U.S. dog and cat foods are generally sold as complete and balanced products. Dogs and cats have complex nutritional requirements: dogs are known to require 38 nutrients daily, while cats require 40. To know more, Click here

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Dog Food Startup

In the period of direct-to-consumer brands, pet food and products startups are making a perfect stance to compete with traditional pet brands and win over pet parents. 

Visit the links to know all about dog food startups.

Dog food startup:

Michael Waxman, co-founder and CEO of dog food startup Sundays, acknowledged that dog owners have no shortage of options when it comes to feeding their beloved pets — but he still thinks there’s room for something new. To read more, Click here

Biotech startup of pet food:

Methods of production vary, but they all provide sustenance without any environmental damage or animal suffering. To know more, Click here

A dog food startup:

A dog-food startup that says it makes meals good enough for humans just raised $39 million, and it proves millennials really are treating pets like their first born child. To read more, Click here


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Dog Food Trends

The pet food industry is blooming with time and will continue to grow. The industry is changing rapidly and pet food brands need to keep up with the consumer demands. 

In today’s time, pets are considered more as family members and pet owners want to purchase only the best for their loved animal companions. A rapid shift in the trends are seen from the human industry to the pet industry and it is expected that this trend will be prominent in the coming years.

Read the links to understand the dog food trends.

Pet food trends 2020:

People love their pets and are willing to spend serious money keeping them healthy. It’s no surprise then that key trends in pet food processing mirror trends in human food: clean label, alternative proteins and more healthful ingredients and processes. To know more, Click here

Top food trends:

Debbie Phillips-Donaldson, editor-in-chief of Petfood Industry, shares her insights and opinions on all things pet food, addressing market trends as well as news and developments in pet nutrition, food safety and other hot topics for the industry. To read more, Click here

Top 5 trends seen at global pet expo:

Steady growth encourages product development and innovation as the market becomes increasingly crowded and consumer demands continue to evolve. Throughout the show floor, Pet Food Processing noticed these five new product trends that seem to be driving the market forward, among several others. To know more, Click here

5 dogs food trends:

If anyone ever tells you money doesn’t rule the pet food industry, just think about that number. Pet food companies jump on food trends and try to follow them. But most actually fail when you look a little closer at them. To read more, Click here

Future of pet food:

Did you know the pet food industry is worth £3 billion in the UK? Yep, pets are big business – and it’s only set to increase. Pet food trends tend to follow both the United States – the trailblazer in the pet food world – and human food – it has to appeal to the people buying it, right? So, what can we expect to serve up our four-legged friends in the coming years? To know more, Click here


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