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  • 6th Jan'21
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The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing businesses to reinvent how they operate in a digital world. Almost everything is choosing a digital platform to keep up with their endeavor. 

Learning should not be stopped in any circumstance, and returning to study during this time can be beneficial for many different objectives. 

The entire nation is suffering from this pandemic. The situation is turning out to worst every day. Everything has come to hold and suffering at each step. But education is something which needs to be a going process because, in such hard times, learning can help you fight back all your problems and act in the right way.


learning social skills during the social distancing era


Distance Learning in the time of Social Distancing

Schools across the country have temporarily closed and rapidly transitioned from face-to-face learning to distance learning to combat the spread of coronavirus and maintain healthy distancing.

The rapid and forced adoption of online teaching and learning will likely lead to permanent changes, producing data that may help stimulate and improve online learning platforms and pedagogies.

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Tools for Distance Learning during Social Distancing

To fight back this pandemic, every sector is coming up with some tools and techniques to combat COVID-19. 

The education system has introduced some tools and tricks to keep the learning process full swing without any loss. It has come up with some basic and necessary steps to brush up students' understanding during this social distancing era.

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How to stay active during social distancing? 

We humans love to be around people, roam here and there, enjoy social gatherings, and above all, wants to fly like a free bird. But, social distancing and self-isolation weakened all our wishes. It was really difficult for every individual to adapt to this lifestyle and stay at home. 

During this social distancing era staying active has turned out to be a mission for everyone. Since there is no outing and chilling possible at this point, being active is considered to be impossible. But, to be fit and healthy, one needs to active and enjoying doing everything and anything.

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Sharpening Social Skills in Social Distancing Era

Our education system has been deeply unequal and unpredictable in this pandemic situation. There is no face to face learning process conducted during the social distancing era. And, this may lead to weakening the social skills in students.

The education system needs to inculcate some social learning skills during this pandemic circumstances to teach them the importance of human connection.

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