Venture Capital Deals That Show Major Trends for 2021

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2020 has been a harsh year for everyone, and it made us realize the importance of a number of things that too in a short period. People are trying to cover up for everything they lost last year, and in doing so, they are coming up with brilliant ideas which we never thought about. We can say that in 2021 and in further years, we will witness some significant trends.

To execute their ideas, ,many people opted for venture capital deals. We will take a look at some major venture capital deals in this article. But, before that, have a look at some important topic related terms. 


Venture Capital

A company needs a certain amount of investment for growth and smooth functioning, and it becomes a more critical factor for startups. Investors are likely to invest their capital in startups with the potential to grow; this capital is called venture capital. It is a form of private equity and a type of financing. Venture capital generally comes from investors, investment banks, and any other financial institutions.

As these investments are not stable, they are risky, but if invested in the right place it gives some impressive returns. The growth of the company is the deciding factor for the returns to the venture capitalists. So, the venture capitalist has the power to influence the decisions of the company as they are putting their money at stake.  

Venture capitalists are more likely to see the future of a company through various data and then invest in those companies. In short, we can say that they invest in tomorrow’s company today. And if we see the year 2020, you will hardly find a person looking for investment. But despite the lockdown and pandemic, venture capitalists invested $36.5 billion in the third quarter of 2020. So, here are 5 VC deals that signal major trends for 2021.


How Venture Capital Works

Venture capitalists are only interested in doing the investments if your company has the potential to make a massive outcome in a short period. Venture capitalists make their returns by exchanging funding for a percentage of ownership in the company they invest in. Also, they can invest only in the fastest-growing, high output companies as they have 10 years or less to invest and return most of the capital they have raised. Get to know how venture capital works.

5 Venture Capital deals showing major trends


1. Notion

New technologies are introduced almost every day, and their only motive is to make human lives easier, informed, and more productive. We are surrounded by various technologies from household robots to using various apps to get our official works done. And according to a report, the average employee regularly uses eight software apps while doing their job. This number will keep on increasing in the coming days. Using so many apps may be time-consuming. Notion brings you a solution to this problem.


One of the leaders of a huge pack of productivity software startups, Notion brings multiple apps and software together in one place and makes it easier to find the needed information for employees. Users can connect components such as databases, kanban boards, wikis, calendars, and reminders and create their own systems for knowledge management, note-taking, data management, project management, among others. Founded in 2013, Notion had raised $50 million from Index Ventures in April 2020. Before that, the company had raised $10 million, and it had been profitable since 2018 and the company is now valued at $2 billion.


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2. Cityblock Health

The covid-19 pandemic has made us realize the importance of advancement in healthcare facilities. No matter how far we have come, we need to go a lot further to be ready to face a pandemic like a coronavirus. Founded in 2017, Cityblock health is the first tech-driven provider for communities with complex needs. It has a new approach to health care for underserved urban populations.

Source: Glassdoor

We often come across people who are facing multiple health conditions, and it is not possible to treat them. Cityblock combines primary care, behavioral care, and social services to treat patients whose attempts to recover may be complicated by conditions like trauma or substance abuse. The patient gets physical, mental, and social services to support their daily life.

Within the launch of four months, Cityblock had raised more than $23 million in investment funding. Also, it was one of the first companies to receive an investment from Town Hall Ventures. It is a venture capital firm led by Andy Slavitt, former acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

In July last year, the New York City-based startup landed a $54 million Series B funding round led by Kinnevik AB. AIMS Imprint of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Alphabet also participated in it. Other than that, the existing major investors Maverick Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Thrive Capital, EmblemHealth, 8VC, Echo Health Ventures, and Town Hall Ventures joined the round as well. 


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3. Textio

Writing a job posting is monotonous yet tricky. You need to keep several points in mind starting from sounding neutral yet interesting, writing language that will attract a pool of talents, and many more. It becomes tougher because you never know a text which attracts one person can repel others. If you are stuck in such a situation, Textio is here to help you out.

Source: LinkedIn

Words are magical, and they hold the power to move people. As the term suggests, Textio is a writing-enhancement service company that uses AI to analyze job descriptions. It will further highlight jargon, boring bits, and words that could come across as particularly masculine or feminine. Besides, it suggests alternatives by predicting how different people will respond to the content.

Textio is helping employers write job postings. Well-known companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Slack, NASA among others, use Textio’s technology to improve job listings and emails to candidates. The company raised $12 last year, and it will show more numbers as keeping bias out of business communication is a challenge numerous companies are facing. 


4. Chime 

Going to the bank now and then is one thing nobody is very fond of, Chime is here to solve your problem. It is a bank that does not look like a bank. What do I mean by saying this? Well! Chime is a neobanks which simply means that it has no physical branches, and it does not charge monthly or overdraft fees. It provides financial services to its customers through mobile phones.  

Source: Chime

In September last year, Chime raised a round of about $485 million making the value of the company at $14.5 billion, and by doing so, the company became the most valuable U.S.-based consumer-focused fintech startup. Also, as of 2020, the company has raised $1.5 billion in private funding.


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5. Calm



As the name suggests, Calm is an app that helps you in better sleep, meditation, less anxiety, less stress among others. San Francisco-based software company, Calm produces meditation products which include guided meditations, health and meditation-videos, and Sleep Stories. 2020 has been a crazy stressful year. Meditation is important to maintain peace of mind, we may not try it due to several reasons, but we all know its importance. And that is why the company has raised $75 million at a valuation of $2 billion. 


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