Voice Payments Set To Drive a New Era in the Field of Fintech and E-commerce

  • 26th Feb'21
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A growing variety of firms and virtual assistants currently provide voice payments, where something you need to buy, send money, or pay a bill is just the sound of your voice. It's estimated that quite twenty-three million folks within America have used a voice payment service by 2018, as per the Business corporate executive Intelligence’s 2017 Voice Payment Report. 


Voice Payments Set To Drive a New Era in the Field of Fintech and E-commerce


That figure is anticipated to quadruple by 2022, all owing to the employment of voice-enabled virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant. Voice payments still have the way to go before they become the new normal. However, this innovative interface is certainly proving to bring a change in payment technology.

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Mobile payment platforms reminiscent of Zelle, Venmo, Square, and PayPal are more and more enabling their users to use verbal commands to accomplish banking transactions and monetary functions. To read more, Click Here


The latest stats on voice payment usage

The use of voice payment technology, also called conversational commerce, is turning into being very popular.

● Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute reports that 51% of customers are already users of voice-enabled virtual assistants via a smartphone (Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant),

● 28% of voice assistant users have used voice payments to form payments or send cash, and 35% have created a sale, in keeping with Capgemini.

● Google reports 62% of these who often use a voice-activated speaker was possible to form a sale within the next month.

● Adobe Analytics reports 22% of customers with good speakers use them for looking, in keeping with MarketWatchCredit


The Way Forward for Voice Payments

As AI evolves, conversational commerce is turning into less like coping with a clumsy, scripted machine and a lot of like having a spoken language with an extremely targeted and useful person. Next-gen voice assistants are expected to beat the present generation, growing immensely and able to anticipate users’ wants. This can change them to function virtual cashiers, bank tellers, and even personal shoppers.


RCB Capital Markets predicts that Amazon’s Alexa might generate $10 billion in voice-driven platform revenue by 2020, in keeping with CNBC. Google Assistant and different virtual assistants can generate important sales of their own. 


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