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  • 24th Aug'20
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How many of you “daydream” about being your own boss - owning a business, kick-starting a startup & basking in the success of one’s own glory & success? I am sure there would be many hands raised!

“A Dartmouth Study on Unemployment, says a whopping 70 per cent of people have a desire to be their own boss.”

The whole thought of being your own boss undoubtedly seems very lucrative but it is definitely not an easy path. To start with, it shrouds you with so many FEARS: 

  • Maybe now is not the right time 
  • I am too old to start something new
  • Don’t have enough money to invest
  • What if I lose my hard-earned money?
  • I will lose on my monthly paycheck 
  • What will people say if I fail?

The above said FEAR is pretty normal. Actually having a little fear is a good thing as this will give you the extra push to move one step closer to your dream of being your own boss!


Perks of working for your own self


  • You call the shots: There is no one whom you need to report to. You are free to implement your ideas, without the fear of them getting dumped. You make the decisions based on what works best for your business growth
  • You realize your worth: Owning your business, makes you realize your self-worth and your abilities. It gives you an extra push to prove that you got what it takes to be a budding businessman
  • More freedom: You can now schedule your 24 hours as per your wish
  • Chance to become an Expert: by working for yourself you know all the ins and outs of your area of business





We, at OpenGrowth, constantly endeavor to turn your dreams of owning your own business into reality. If you want to have more information about our mentorship and funding programs, please drop your query in the comment section below. You can also mail us at info@opengrowth.com


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