Want to Skyrocket your Sales? Work on Online Ads

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“Want to Skyrocket your sales? Take the emotions out of your ads.”- Stephanie Burns. 

With the market evolving, digital media has become the ruler of the market. With digital transformation, online advertisement has become a source of income. As you read online news, use social media, search for information or do anything on your mobile phone, the ads follow you. Be it convincing you to buy new things or reminding you of the things you have searched but forgot to buy. Online ads are everywhere. 

In business, keeping the clients happy and satisfied comes in the first place. Emotions in marketing play an important role. They help you to increase reach and touch consumers’ hearts. 

Emotions work in marketing to get a loyal audience. But emotions don’t help when it comes to buying ads. Wanna know why? Then you are at the right place.


How do Online Ads work?

Also called digital advertisement, it is a type of paid communication. Online advertising is a $398 industry and most businesses rely on it. For a good result in online marketing, consumers, ad platform, and advertisers all play significant roles.

Consumers use the internet service to gather information for free and share personal information. The websites and ad networks collect the user’s information and create a strategy to target them with the ads.  By keeping the site free for the users, the website earns money from the ads shown on the website. The advertisers pay the website or a certain platform to display their ads. Advertisers also pay search engines like Google to display their ads. 

The whole process works quite well. According to Google, “Advertisers make $8 for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. Google, too, benefits, as the majority of its $162 billion in annual revenue (as of 2019) comes from search advertising.”


Online Ads


How do Emotions in Ads Work?

The main aim of the advertiser is to get consumers to buy products. Putting emotions in the ads is a strong way to get consumers’ attention. Human beings rely on emotions whenever they make decisions about buying products.  

As from the reports by Psychology Today, "Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) shows that when evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions (personal feelings and experiences), rather than information (brand attributes, features, and facts)."


Who buys Ads?

Advertisers can be an app or a brand looking to spread any message or content about their product to increase sales. Advertisers buy the ad space from a particular network that helps them to communicate the message to the users. The message helps the consumers in deciding to buy the product.


How to take Emotions out while purchasing the Ads?

Being advertising, it becomes important to buy ads. Sometimes the advertisers become emotional while purchasing the ads to gain more profit. 

In an interview with Forbes, Stephanie Burns, founder of The Wyld Agency,  said, “When it comes to buying ads, the emotion needs to stop. When you hire an agency to handle your ads, they’re able to bring an analytical—not an emotional—brain to the process. When you’re doing it on your own, you’re freaking out about how much money you spent on ads over the weekend or mistakenly focusing on what a $2 ad can get you instead of what a $5 ad reaps.”

Burns further added, “When it comes to ads, we need to be less emotional and more logical. We have to focus on the information as data and the numbers are clues. Think of this as an experiment where you then figure out what you’re going to do with the results—besides pulling your ads or throwing more money into them. Maybe you discover the offer you created isn’t resonating with people, so you tweak it. Or perhaps you realize something that is resonating with people in your ads should also be used in your emails and social media posts. Ultimately Facebook ads provide data that tells you what people like, which people like, and how to improve it.”


Online Ads



Buying ads is a great way to skyrocket your sales in the market. Not only it benefits the sales, but it also makes the campaign successful. You must focus on strategic growth instead of going viral. Remember, have a great research and palace the ads at the right location and at the right time, so that the right audience can see the ad. You can also take the help of experienced media buying and advertisers. 


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