What are SCORM and AICC E-Learning Technology Standards?

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Over the last decade, the rise of E-Learning courses has been significant and worthwhile. The ability to learn things quickly and at a much lesser cost is no less than any boon to students who earlier struggled to receive a quality education. Travel expenses, school and college fees, long training periods, and even stationery had kept many students bereft of the education they must have received. Besides, E-Learning has further simplified the learning process, making any details easy to grasp and absorb. In other words, we can say that E-Learning is online learning re-defined.

The continuous technological development has also benefited E-Learning education alongside the social distancing era. We can even say that today the E-Learning education can be defined by its unique and separate E-Learning Technology standards. Yes, there are several E-Learning standards today: AICC, SCORM, Tin Can API (Also known as xAPI), Cmi5, and IMS Common Cartridge. Now, of the five common E-Learning Standards, you can learn more about the popular SCORM and AICC E-Learning Standards.




About SCORM and AICC E-Learning Technology Standards

SCORM and AICC E-Learning Technology Standards helps in identifying the interaction level of the various E-Learning courses with the Learning Management Systems (LMSs). As a result, they both are well known E-Learning Technology Standards and are much common in the online course design and development platforms. There you can notice many E-Learning Professionals talking and discussing both the SCORM and AICC E-Learning Technology Standards. Don’t be surprised if some may even suggest you become compliant with these E-Learning Technology Standards.

One of the most common reasons why SCORM and AICC are so talked about E-Learning Technology Standards is the most used authoring tools such as the Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. With the compliance of SCORM and AICC, both the authoring tools can publish their courses with the respective standards. For example, you can host and track the courses compliant with the SCORM learning standard by any LMS on any SCORM-compliant LMS. Likewise, courses compliant with AICC learning standards are hosted and tracked by any LMS on the AICC-compliant LMS.

Now, let’s learn about what are both SCORM and AICC E-Learning Technology Standards.




What is SCORM E-Learning Technology Standard?

In the SCORM E-Learning Technology Standard, the word SCORM stands as an acronym for “Sharable Content Object Reference Model.” It was developed to address the reusability, durability, and interoperability challenges posed by the United States Department of Defense (DoD). The development took place as a part of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative. Furthermore, SCORM comprises various interrelated technical specifications and guidelines designed to create interoperable, plug-n-play, and other browser-based E-Learning modules.

In SCORM E-Learning Technology Standards, the communication between any E-Learning course and the Learning Management System (LMS) occurs with the combination of an Application Programming Interface (API) and data model. Here the courses are further embedded with the JavaScript Application Programming Interface (JS API). The JS API is also known as the defined set of functions on the LMS. It allows any developer with the SCORM-compliant courses to use JavaScript for passing and retrieving information from the LMS. Today, their various versions of SCORM are available, of which SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 are the most widely used ones.




What is the AICC E-Learning Technology Standard?

Like the SCORM, AICC stands as an acronym, i.e., Aviation Industry CBT (Computer Based Training) Committee. The AICC was developed as a non-profit E-Learning technology Standard by the international non-profit association of technology professionals. It was developed for using E-Learning courses of any industry. Furthermore, the AICC learning standards are governed by its nine guidelines and recommendations. Here, any AICC-compliant E-Learning course must abide by one of the nine guidelines at the minimum.

In 1998, the AICC learning standards had only web-based training. In 1993, the focus shifted to CD-ROM based training. In the AICC E-Learning Technology Standard, the communication between any E-Learning course and the LMS is enabled by using HTTP AICC Communication Protocol (HACP).


Basic Differences Between SCORM and AICC

Following are the basic difference between two of the well known E-learning Technology Standards, i.e., SCORM and AICC:


  • SCORM based learning has simple uploading, whereas the AICC uploading process is pretty complex.

  • When it comes to SCORM, both the content and LMS must be on the same server, whereas in AICC, they can be on different servers comfortably.

  • SCORM uses JavaScript for communication, whereas AICC uses HTTP messages for communication.

  • In SCORM, you can easily break the digestible modules and shuffle them independently. However, in AICC, breaking the course content into digestible modules isn’t easy at all.


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