What Does The Apple Car Mean For The Automotive Industry?

  • 25th Mar'21
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The cure for Apple is not cost-cutting. The cure for Apple is to innovate its way out of its current predicament. - Steve Jobs

Apple is all about innovation and technology. And with this, Apple expects to achieve its first-ever commercial car manufacturing facilities by 2024 in which the emphasis for the world's largest technology business could be a criterion change.

It is recently announced that Apple is planning to conquer the world of electric and individual mobility and that it has a 'subsequent grade' battery at its heart to take on competitors, such as Tesla, Volkswagen and others.

Further, tens of billions in testing activities, over 1000 engineers and enigmatic labs – the Apple iCar aims to revolutionize personal mobility. This can be done with the help of innovations that are promising to change our use and perception of the automobile industry.

And finally, autocar acknowledges that the Apple iCar has moved into what insiders call project implementation status, behind a thick curtain of secrecy.


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Specifications And Aspirations Of Apple Car


The Apple Car concept is in steady advancement for many months despite the manufacturing gridlock. This means that there are some moderate rumours about the specifications of the new, hopefully, fully-electric car.

One of those is its self-sufficiency. Apple was rumoured to say that it is designing autonomous vehicle applications instead of the whole vehicle itself. 

Apple also is making the best effort to maintain a confidential strategy that presents a truthful overview of its practices concerning court documents and patent applications. The patents mentioned also include automotive devices that alert drivers of what an independent car is going to do.

The latter means that Apple attempts to incorporate technology that might fit into a single car glass window. Astonishingly, this technology enables riders to see outside, yet to be protected from the outsiders to dive in their sight.

Besides, one of the expectations is that your iPhone, the iPad, your Apple Watch and maybe your Mac could play a major role in the connectivity of the car.

For Instance, SIRI is the world's most renowned natural language motor that has redefined a completely working and sturdy feature with male and female voice options from a prototype phase. Despite its lack of fame during the first alliance, CarPlay included SIRI in its entire bundle three years ago as a unique feature. It is absolutely a positive move because customers want a voice solution to control their smartphones in their vehicles.


Apple Products  


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Brand Collaborations


As for more features of the Apple Car, we should assume the panel to be out, while we can draw some conclusions based on current brands and collaborations in the industry.

Of course, it should be noted that the first mainstream produced self-driving vehicle is not exactly miles behind the Apple race. Whilst Tesla is consistent in that respect, several other firms have also enjoyed challenging riding in the development of independent road vehicles.

Perhaps the largest rival of Apple is Waymo, the former self-driving automobile initiative of Google and now its own business under Alphabet.

Additionally, the rumours that have been made about the self-driving project also include Volkswagen, Jaguar, BMW, Nissan, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and GM. But there is a danger that healthy commercially available mass-market cars will eventually come into play. Moreover, with Apple also approached two of these names and had to return empty handed i.e. without any success, it seems that the major brands want to retain their self-sufficient technology.


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The argument is that in Apple, we simply don't know yet what is happening. The tech giant will have to deal with those manufacturers that already have car pedigrees required to carry out a fleet of self-contained cars. And this is because they want to be one of the leading players in the autonomous game in the following years.

Remained to be seen, whether Apple will be the first to crunch the code on autonomous driving. But, here,  no one can put it past Apple to create something genuinely revolutionary with a technical record as legendary as the American giant.

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