What is API and How it is Enabling Banking?

  • 26th Mar'21
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Innovation in Banking through API in the banking industry

Open Banking, with the help of APIs, is considered to be one of the biggest advancements in the banking industry. It has provided businesses and consumers easy access to custom banking services while also ensuring complete safety and enhanced efficiency. Check out this blog to know what banking APIs are and how do they work.


API in the banking industry


API Banking Services

An API also called an “application programming interface,” maybe a cluster of tools and protocols accustomed build computer code and applications. API or Application Programming Interface permits a third-party application to use a specific interface that will access a typical set of tools or services.

API in the banking industry, suggests that a bank offers third-party access to its customer services through dedicated APIs. In terms of banking, genus APIs permit programming consultants to form applications that facilitate monetary establishments and exchange knowledge with third-party financial technology organizations.

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APIs in the banking sector

What are the different types of bank APIs?

A few top banks offer a host of banking API banking services spread across categories such as Accounts and Deposits, Payment Gateways, Loans and Cards, Trade Service, and Business Banking. There are innumerable ways in which these APIs can be used by 3rd parties.

For example, a FinTech platform offering retail loans can use API to check the CIBIL score of a customer or check their PAN details. Similarly, a company can integrate its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with API banking for managing their cash and payables directly through their ERP.


Banking APIs: quick, Secure and Efficient

The API Banking services and also the access they provide to the core banking knowledge, in a way, helps in eliminating barriers between businesses as all of them have access to an equivalent knowledge as claimed by the global banking industry. Ultimately, this helps within the overall growth of the monetary trade, in connection with the standard of services accessible.

With many alternative program Interface varieties being launched by banks, API banking services are solely expected to induce additional widespread within the future.


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