What needs to be managed: Time Or Attention?

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Attention Management

Attention management is the art of focusing on getting things done for the right reasons, in the right places, and at the right moments. Prioritize the people and projects that matter, and it won’t matter how long anything takes. Today, when we lack behind on our productivity scale, the first thought that strikes us is that we could not manage our time properly. 


Attention Management


After the morning alarm, we all start our day by spending hours on social media, scrolling, and checking feeds. This is what seems to be a defect in our time management skills, but actually is the result of our priority and attention mismanagement.

Read about attention management strategies:

Become the supreme commander of your mind

Mastering your concentration power requires and becoming the supreme commander of your mind’s armed forces. For this, you need to be attentive to resources, strengths,s, and weaknesses you have and work on the same. with improving your work-life  Read more.

How to manage your attention 

A better time, as well as attention management, equals a better way to work more. Here’s how to manage your attention to ultimately get more from your time. Read more.

How to focus

To do any work in our lives with full potential, focus is highly needed. As all do wish for the same but most of us struggle with managing focus on daily basis is at our work life moments. Here few elements to work on to manage your focus, attention management, and time. Read more.


What needs to be managed Time Or Attention


Importance of Attention Management

With the advancement of technologies, distraction has also captured more space in our lives. Control on our life has not been as easy as it used to be a decade back. We are loaded with work, works life somehow controls us and tasks but still escape and roam around on Social Media for hours. We fail to prioritize our to-do list and end up with a messed up day, with doing the least productive things at the end. 

Managing our attention and channelizing it in the right direction will ultimately give out an entirely fruitful result.

Attention management plays a vital role, and know about it, read:

To control your life, control what you pay attention to

Do not allow distractions to distract you, choose where you direct your attention at any given moment, based on an understanding of your priorities and goals. Read more.

Invest in your focus. Support your attention by minimizing distractions. Learn to meditate. Shut your phone off sometimes. Stop sabotaging your focus and attention span, and start supporting your ability to control your attention.


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