Why Ebooks Can Replace Books?

  • 5th Mar'21
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“I read more because I have an e-reader."

Well, this may sound to us bookworms who have dedicated years to building their library or let’s say a world we created for both solace and wisdom as a heartbreak. As blessed were we to have grown in an era where there were no ebooks as it meant so many things to us like saving those pocket money to buy that newly released Harry Potter part of the best selling crime thriller Gone Girl or just going back in time with the yesteryear classics. We were called so many things for having one of those books in our hands or our school bags but we took every bit of those comments as a compliment and wore it like a badge of honor. Good old days, right? But sadly, the inevitable is dawning upon us.

Things changed when the first smartphone was released that eventually prompted the concept of ebooks. And it was only a matter of time till we witnessed ebook readers such as Amazon Kindle hit the market and take over the new generation of kids and adults both of who have gravitated more towards the use of smartphones and other electronic devices. Sooner we were engulfed by debates covering books versus ebooks. And here we are, at the end of the tunnel, ebooks creating a dominance over the use of printed copies of pages put together.


So, why do I think ebooks can replace books? It is primarily because of the several reasons that I will be sharing in this post. But this does not mean the books are losing their identity, they are simply moving towards a more personal preference where bookworms like me see them as an extension of ourselves.


Ebooks can Replace Books


Reasons: Why Ebooks Can Replace Books?

Like I said several reasons are signaling the importance of ebooks over books and why it is going to become the first choice for many in the years to come. Be it for academics or personal experience ebooks are finally taking over the reign of the books due to the six specific reasons that you can read below.



Remember, how it took us time to get over the pain caused by the schoolbags on our shoulders. Probably not. But it is clear that books are like weights and some books can easily weigh over a pound. This somehow limited us from carrying the number of books we would like while moving from one place to another. However, with ebooks, you no longer have to worry about any of those as, unlike books, they barely weigh half a pound. Also, with ebooks, you can carry not just one or two or hundred but even thousands of books comfortably without breaking a sweat or hurting your shoulders.


Instant Delivery

Whenever we order a book, we normally have to wait for a few days to get our hands on it. But the same is not true with ebooks where you can download a book within a few minutes. In other words, ebooks work as an instant delivery option.


No More Going to Bookstore

Besides making online orders and waiting for their delivery, the other way to buy a book is to visit a bookstore where you can find it. But ebook readers ensure that you don’t have to go anywhere to buy a book and rather download it from the ebook stores.


Out of Stock

Every book lover must have been there where you go to a book store only to find that the book you waited for so long to buy has run out of stock. But since ebooks are digital files you will never find yourself in a similar situation.


Cost Effective

Both books and ebooks today could be found in sales but even with or without it you can notice a considerable difference in cost between a book and an ebook. As I mentioned in the beginning, how it took us time to save our pocket money to buy a sought out book. It was because books do not come cheap but ebooks do. Most ebooks are available from anywhere between $1 to $5.

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Additional Feature

Unlike books, ebooks provide additional features such as digital bookmarks, sharing options for highlighted quotations, and looking out for word meaning in the dictionary as you keep reading.


With these impressive reasons and how the world has shifted more towards technology-driven materials, it is evident that although there will be hard printed copies available of books shortly. However, ebooks will be the definitive choice in primary areas.


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