Will AI Prove To Be a Boon In Medicine? 

  • 22nd Oct'21
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Are you an Apple iPhone user? Here is good news for you. You have an addition in your Apple Health Record Feature on your iPhone. The Mayo Clinic patients can now add their medical records to the health app. This enables them to collect their entire medical history in one place. They can access this data with just one click. 


What is Mayo Clinic? 

The Mayo Clinic is one of the top-rated medical services. Its mission is to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best health care services through proper management and research.  

It has over 700 institutions and 12,000 care locations that offer support for health records in the United States only by using only their log-in id and password.  After the pandemic, anyways, telemedicine has become the new normal. 


AI and medicine


How does this new feature work? 

According to Steve Omen, MD Medical Director of Experience Products for Mayo Clinic’s Center for Digital Health said, “There are more ways than ever for patients to be actively engaged in their health care, and smartphone apps can be helpful for accessing records and tracking daily fitness and diet. We want patients who are interested in these apps to be able to use them securely and enhance their health care at Mayo Clinic.”

Once any patient registers with their id and password, the iPhone retrieves the health records through an encrypted connection and stores the data on the user’s device, where it is again encrypted through a passcode. This ensures the privacy of the patent’s records. 


How has AI smoothened medical treatments? 

Why are we discussing this feature on smartphones?

Well, this is the impact of AI in our lives. Gradually we are becoming more and more dependent on Artificial Intelligence even in our day-to-day lives. After studying this example, we also realize the control AI now has in the medical field. 

Let us understand how AI has smoothened medical treatments and made health care easy for us.  One of the examples can be a revolution in cancer diagnosis by smart needles. 

There have been predictions that by 2050, health systems will have to deal with patients with more complex needs, citing the lifestyle that they follow. Managing such patients will be expensive and will require more complicated machinery. 

This is where AI comes into the picture. 

It gives refined and systematic data to the health care activists and also helps in diagnostics. The AI has smoothened medical treatments in the following manner. 


AI and medicine


AI acts as a force multiplier 

If you have a properly developed and deployed AI, it can act as an additional force to the team.  Another example of AI running smoothly is knowing how chatbots are helping with mental health now

Robert Truog, head of the HMS Center for Bioethics, the Frances Glessner Lee Professor of Legal Medicine, and a pediatric anesthesiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, said the defining characteristic of his last decade in practice had been a rapid increase in information. While more data about patients and their conditions might be viewed as a good thing, it’s only good if it can be usefully managed, as published in The Harvard Gazette. 

According to experts, AI will prove most helpful in radiology and pathology. People have a misconception that AI will be a replacement for doctors. However, experts claim that AI will be an added force, not a replacement. 



Since AI is designed by humans and works systematically, the chances of committing errors get minimal. 

“We will make mistakes, but the momentum won’t go back the other way,” Hernandez-Diaz said of AI’s increasing presence in medicine. “We will learn from them.”

AI eventually optimizes treatment processes and can prove to be highly beneficial not only for doctors but patients as well. 



The debate on whether to use AI in healthcare still prevails. Several experts have pointed out that completely relying on AI might be a great risk, while some think the other way. 


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