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  • 2nd Jan'21
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How to keep your mental health in check when you work from home

Many organizations fall short when it comes to employee wellness. While it’s great that most corporate programs heavily emphasize physical well being, but mental health is left unnoticed. Our brains are just as crucial to our well-being, especially considering the detrimental effects mental illness can have on physical health, such as increased blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, and heightened risk of cancer.

When an employee is suffering, so does their work. Depression has become the leading cause of disability across the globe. Stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues compound this problem, leaving people less engaged, focused, and productive. One of the reasons that contribute to employee mental health degradation is working remotely or working from home.

Read the article to know how to keep your mental health in check when you work from home:

How To Keep Your Mental Health in Check When You Work From Home

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Mental health


How can the office improve mental health?

An employee with good mental health can make the most of their potential; cope with what life throws at them; play a full part in their role at the workplace, and ultimately contribute to a healthy work environment. 

After the spread of Corona Virus Disease, the world has started working from home. The changed pattern of work from home has left a negative impact on most of the employee’s mental health. Boosting employee's well being becomes part of organizational responsibility. 

The employer can do the following to boost their employee’s well being while they work from home:

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