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  • 21st Sep'20
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About the Author: Sam Carpenter


Sam Carpenter, a telecommunications professional, and multiple business owner have knowledge in engineering, management, publishing, and journalism. He lives in Bend, Oregon. The Systems Mindset is his second Sam is a globally prominent author and entrepreneur and is president and CEO of Centratel, the premier telephone replying service in the United States. Other businesses he founded and regulates are Work the System Consultants (this website) and PathwayOne, an online marketing firm based in Italy.


About the Book:


Work The System intends to convince people to change their basic perception of the world around them from a vision of an impenetrable, unshaped conglomeration, to one made up of person linear systems, each of which can be enhanced and perfected. The reader is tutored through the procedure of "getting" this modern vision, and then through the specifics of pertaining it. It's simple, believable, and mechanical; not mystical or speculative. The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less is in its third edition, has assisted tens of thousands of business owners and managers eventually break free and take their businesses to the next level. You’ll find:


  • The simple mindset “tweak” that will remake everything

  • No feel-good assumption, no psycho-babble, and no take-my-word-for-it promises

  • Logical and believable real-world solutions you can implement TODAY.

  • A wide variety of additional free resources that you can immediately put to work


The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less will lead the way you in streamlining the interlaced systems that drive every aspect of your work. The key is to dramatically gain the efficiency of the corporation you own or the department you organize while standing ''outside and slightly elevated'' from the processes. The strength of the edition lies, first, in convincing the reader to ''get'' a new viewpoint on work and life that will enable the systems-mentality shared by successful administrators everywhere. Second, it gives exact instruction for revitalizing an organization through fostering organizational efficiency, and by creating modest documentation.

You will learn how to evaluate and refine your format of systems to maximize profit, create client loyalty, and formulate autonomous employees who are passionately affectionate to the primary goals of the organization. The strategies will help you dramatically expand your own personal performance while lessening the stress of being overtaxed and disorganized.


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