World Entrepreneurs’ Day: Celebrating Leadership for All

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Every year, August 21 is World Entrepreneurs’ Day. A day which has been coined to celebrate innovation and empowerment of entrepreneurship and leadership throughout the world. Entrepreneurship is crucial not just for job creation but an incredibly essential and vital part of our economic growth and problem-solving. 

On this special day, we can turn to the people who motivate, inspire and challenge us to intend for greater heights of accomplishment and creativity.  


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Why Is It Celebrated 


According to the Global Entrepreneurship Development Institute (GEDI), an enterprise is a significant engine of economic growth. Without enterprise and entrepreneurs, there would be little innovation, less productivity growth, and few new jobs. 

This modern and innovative world has been build by entrepreneurs; Men and women who invented something from nothing; Created employment; Made World what it is today. In many ways, the present was constructed by Entrepreneurs. 

This day is celebrated to acknowledge their achievements and contributions in building the new world. We can absolutely hope that the next generation might be inspired to launch their business model and take the nation by bombardment by the stories of some of the great businessmen and women of the time. 


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August 21: Celebrating Innovation And Empowering Entrepreneurship 


Tips To Celebrate World Entrepreneurs’ Day In COVID-19


  • Everyone recognizes the strength of the internet, so even sharing a simple photo and message will do the needful.
  • People who realize the necessity to show entrepreneurs thanks and honor for their achievements can take to social media to spread awareness about World Entrepreneurs’ Day. 
  • A small virtual meeting can be scheduled where Entrepreneurs can also take this moment to brainstorm new ideas or present their own beliefs, notions and theories to the group in order to get feedback, constructive criticism and most of all to boost up the team of young Entrepreneurs.


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