YouTube Tests a New Feature to Add Timestamp in Comments Automatically

  • 12th Dec'20
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YouTube is a platform that is constantly working on enhancing user experience to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction.

In order to improve the user experience, the YouTube team is continuously testing new features. Usually, these features are available only for a short period of time and to a small group of people.

On November 24, 2020, the team announced that YouTube is testing an easier way to add timestamps in the comments of the video automatically.



As of now, all users can manually add the timestamp of the video in the comments section which automatically creates a link that would take other users to watch the moment that you were referring to.


Want to know how to manually add a timestamp in YouTube comments,

It was a bit of hassle to mention the exact time but not that troublesome. Although, we can always appreciate YouTube's efforts to get our job done easier. After all, convenience is the key to a better user experience.

To simplify the new feature that YouTube is testing, the users under the experiment will see a new icon prompted when they start writing a comment.

They need to tap the icon and it will automatically add the specific time where you paused the video to type the comment i.e. the current time of the video in the comment.

This feature is available only to a small group of people and for a limited period under cloud storage like every other feature. Read More.



To find out more about such features that YouTube is currently testing

If you find your YouTube different from your family and friends, you are a user under experiment. Make sure you give YouTube feedback so that they can decide if, when, and how to make the feature available for everyone under cloud storage.

YouTube has recently announced testing out video appeals for channel suspensions that will give creators an option to appeal.

In your appeal, you can provide YouTube with additional information on your channel and content if you think YouTube made a mistake in suspending your channel from YPP.

Their policy team will take a second look at your channel and review your videos keeping in mind the cubit home cloud storage additional information that you provided.

If your appeal convinces the team that your channel complies with their policies, they will turn on the monetization again for your channel before the end of the 30-day suspension window Read More.


If you have discovered this option on your mobile or your desktop, let us know the experience in the comments section below.


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