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Frequently Asked Questions

OpenGrowth is a one-stop platform to establish a balanced ecosystem of experts for entrepreneurs, to nurture the entrepreneurial mindset in people across the globe. We firmly believe that you can accomplish your business goals with upskilling and personalized experts.

Founders, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Students, Innovators, and anybody interested in fostering entrepreneurship in the present and future. We provide comprehensive experts, upskilling resources, collaboration tools, webinars, and a variety of other entrepreneurial services to support all aspiring industry leaders.

Our experts are business leaders with years of real-world industry experience. Our entrepreneurial experts can provide you with helpful advice on how to expand your business faster. The experts resources and programs at OpenGrowth are created by successful entrepreneurs who know the industry better than anyone else.

OpenGrowth Hub is a collaboration platform on which virtual and remote teams can connect, collaborate and work together without hassle. It enables teams to work efficiently by enabling them to share their ideas and facilitate discussions. It has features like direct messages, channels, meetings to connect with team members. You can also schedule daily meetings to keep your team up to date on current projects and use the stuck feature to seek for help. Huddle, Tasks, Reports and Timesheets help you to keep the project on track. OpenGrowth Hub gives you everything you need to stay in sync, meet deadlines, and reach your goals.

Who can become a Mentor? Currently, the OpenGrowth team is curating a list of experts and mapping them with our mentee's expectations. If you think that you can contribute by sharing your knowledge to make a difference in the entrepreneurial community, then feel free to contact us. Share your industry & business knowledge with our budding entrepreneurs. You'll have the freedom to choose your own slots, experts medium, and a lot more. Click this link to Apply as a mentor.

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To know more about the experts programs, collaborative tools, startup or technical services, please feel free to talk with our expert team. We are here to help you, drop an email: contact@opengrowth.com