Are Women Equally Paid for Their Work?

  • 18th Sep'20
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Equality will be achieved when men and women are granted equal pay and equal respect!

Despite the winds of upheaval, the fact is that wage injustice isn’t just about the paycheque. More women work part-time and in businesses that pay poorly. The bigger challenge probably lies in shutting the occupation and opportunity gap.

In recent months, the gender pay gap has been a conventional staple of the news agenda, as companies have disseminated their data and attempted to put a context around the fact that they have one. In some cases, they have straight tried to explain the gap away, suggesting that it isn’t so much a problem as a reality of life.


Reasons: Why Women's are Fighting for Equal Pay?


Paycheck discrimination by gender is deeply grounded in our legal system. In our not-so-distant past, employers considered men to be the breadwinner. If a married woman worked, her salaries should not exceed her husband's. The family earning was built around the concept that the husband earned and the wife was dependent.

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Ways to getting Equal Pay For Women


In this fast-moving world, where everyone is busy working in different sectors, equal pay is still a matter of concern. Women are still fighting and finding ways to get equal pay. There are several ways to get equal pay for women.

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Future of Gender Pay Equality 


Women are coming up with flying colors in every field. They are ready to pave their way to achieve all they want. Women are fighting to make their future bright and bring gender pay equality across the globe. 

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