The Future of Remote Working: What Will Happen in 2021?

  • 18th Dec'20
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Everyone is well aware of the recent changes in daily working life. Why not since the change was a huge one - 'Work From Office' to 'work From Home ', Covid-19 has forced companies to embrace and adapt to remote work? Considering many big companies are ready to go for remote working realizing remote work is more productive, successful, and collaborative - pandemic or not.


Companies who are ready to go remote:

 1. Microsoft

A multinational technology company that manufactures and develops consumer electronics and sells computer software and related services. It has granted its employees the facility of work from home, from 19 January 2021, onwards. 

2. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

A group of large insurance and finance companies is working on transitioning its work schedule, by engaging the majority of its employees in remote work culture.

3. Infosys

Information technology and service company. A global consultant company with more than 240k employment is planning to involve 33%- 50% of its employees in remote working.

4. Adobe

A multinational computer software company focused on web-based software and content development being widely used worldwide is also looking forward to its future in the remote working

5. Amazon

An iconic example of electrical communication with nearly 92,000 employers has extended work from home services till 8 Jan 2021.

6. Twitter

A microblogging and social networking sector with 321 million users has permanently allowed its employees to work on a remote basis based on their personal choices.

7. Salesforce

World's no.1 customer relation management service has given its employees the option to work from home till 8 Aug 2021.


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These were the few examples we took into consideration to show you the impact of the lockdown experiment worldwide. But the question arises why such mega giants are free to adopt remote working? To know more Click here


The benefit of remote working for both employers and employees

It is not that remote working is beneficial just for employees rather it benefits employers as well. In the next few points you will come to know-how:

Employer benefit:

● Absences- For employers, telecommunications can limit absences, which means you have more days of people working for you. As work from home doesn't leave much chance for an employee to ask for leave or incompletion of work. You can do your work anytime, anywhere.

● Increase in productivity- Work never goes in vain, companies will have more number of jobs done frequently by the method of distribution of work.

● Minimizes cost- Companies no longer have to maintain infrastructure and extra expenses on electricity, etc. Companies will be sending less for maximum profit, as the idea of the office space is changing. And you don't have to pay for their personal equities as well.

● Talents in office - As companies are no more restricted to a certain place or time, so by the online mode you have a variety of talents on door knocking. Employees can choose the best from the available options.

● Geography is no longer a barrier- It is seen that a lot of times the working space is far away from the city which makes it difficult for some people to continue with jobs. Now with a new working culture, this problem has been resolved.

● Communication- Not just that your company can touch corners of the world to give more production and information, but at the same time it helps in expanding the reach.

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Employees benefit :

● Focus on work- People may think that work from home means disturbance and zero work, but if you go to IT sector web development companies, there programmers like doing their job in their own house, as they can concentrate more. Programming and coding need more concentration.

● Reduce stress- Well this is not uniform for all, it depends from person to person. Person A might find working in office environments hard to adjust and difficult to focus on work, while person B may totally enjoy working in an office environment in between all the hustles.

● Work-life balance- It's been observed that remote workers are less stressed than office workers and they happily spend time with families maintaining a proper balance, as their family is in front of their eyes.

● Health- A remote worker can also intake a good amount of healthy food while still working at home. 


As discussed above, these are part of both sides. There are still many who have not gone remote for working yet. Everything is not meant for everyone. This change had basically positively hit the IT and development business sector. These schedules of work may not be there permanently in the future but might exist partially according to the needs.

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The drawbacks of remote working :

Social cut-off

It is also a fact that if things continue in this way then, we will be missing many things, such as morning chaos on roads of people going to the office and interaction among themselves. We are social animals and enjoy social environments with people around us.

Chances of ignorance

Telecommunication is an effective mode to communicate with people online, but it might happen that a few times an absentee or an introverted employee might miss this information and remain isolated regarding the information. So there's a chance of being cornered.

Shine and rise

Well in partial remote working your other colleagues may shine and rise in front of the head by their daily presence in the office and there is a high possibility of your name being forgotten. It is very important in business to stand ahead of the crowd and create a positive image for yourself, but you cannot achieve this by virtual interaction through meetings in competition with other employees who are physically present with the team.

New employees face challenges

 A new employee or intern always receives physical guidance from co-workers or experienced seniors, which they might lack in this. And also it will be tough for them to familiarise themselves with everyone no matter how hard they try. Until and unless special sessions are conducted for this purpose.

HR faces problems

HR or managers also have to face problems in understanding the employee nature through video conferencing and they cannot always keep them under their observation.


These are all the different scenarios of the coming year. The shift in work style will also bring upon various marketing trends. Companies will also have to consider the aspects like WAN- connected laptops for smooth working and better video conferencing meetings, improved camera, and sound, as the technology that is used presently in masses is not that sensitive but with changing times we can also see advancement in electronics.


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