K N Visveswaran

Board Member, Keynote speaker, Resource Manager, Quiz Master, Chief mentor
Academics Talent Management

30+ year


About Mentor

K N Visveswaran has more than three decades of academic and mentorship experience. His unique teaching methods have captivated many aspirants. Being the pillar of quality education, he taught mathematics and computer science for eight years. In February 1995, he joined DSQ Software Limited as a Resource Manager. During this time, he spotted and nurtured young talents. From 1998 to 2022, Visveswaran was Hexaware Technologies' chief mentor. He has trained thousands in the software industry, from management to trainee level. His astounding personality and knowledge provided him with the opportunity to present many keynote addresses at national and international conferences.

Embracing people's uniqueness and protecting it is crucial to him. Rather than changing yourself, he advocates growing from your uniqueness. With such wise words and ideas, he gained respect and recognition from different places. Additionally, he was the quiz master at IITM for over two decades, in their annual Math Fest FORAYS. In 1996, he served as a problem referee at the International Math Olympiad in Mumbai. He has also been and still is a member of the Board of Studies of many universities and autonomous institutions.

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