Kishore Pavuluru

Head of Oncology Business Finance (AstraZeneca)
Growth Hack Strategist Strategic Planner Healthcare

14+ year


About Mentor

Kishore Pavuluru is an MBA graduate from ISB and London School of Business in Finance and strategy. He is a Business Finance planner and has been strategizing business plans for14 years. For the past few years, he has been working in the Healthcare industry while implementing his Business and financial strategies to bring value to every person’s life. In today’s world, Health is the top priority of almost everyone and Mr. Pavuluru is diligently working towards making a healthy and proactive society. He has implemented his knowledge of Business and financial strategies in Consumer Health Care, Audit & advisory services, Pharmaceuticals, and E-Commerce platforms like and He analyses these aspects of finance and works towards the refinement of businesses. As he has worked with versatile industries, he has implemented the same thing in his career as well. He has been upskilling himself by enrolling in the programs like - the Medicine code of conduct by the University of Tasmania and one year MBA program with the London School of Business. He genuinely likes to take on challenges and this is the reason he has also led projects in network optimization in companies despite not being in the finance field. His astute sense of business and desire to add value to an organization makes him an exceptional mentor.

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