Nikhil Kumbhar

Programmatic Media Lead at Google
Sales Mentor Sales Strategist Marketing Expert Digital Strategy Business Growth Strategies CxO Advisory

14+ year


About Mentor

Nikhil Kumbhar is a senior sales leader with over 14 years of experience in sales, strategy, and customer management. With a diverse background in working with customers of all sizes, from streamlined business sales to global account management, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise As a coach and cross-functional leader, he has successfully managed teams, operations, training, and coaching to drive business growth for both his team and his customers. Nikhil's exceptional communication and collaboration skills enable him to address and influence various settings, situations, and audiences. This makes him an invaluable mentor to those seeking guidance in sales and marketing.

In addition to his sales acumen, Nikhil Kumbhar excelled at partnerships and managing CxO relationships. He has also provided strategic guidance on GoToMarket strategies for launching brand-new products through digital marketing. With over 11 years' experience at Google, where he started as a sales manager and progressed to become a programmatic media lead, Nikhil has further refined his expertise in mentoring. His deep industry experience and domain expertise make him a trusted advisor for those looking to navigate the ever-changing landscape of sales, marketing, and digital strategies. His dedication to sharing his knowledge and helping others succeed makes him a remarkable mentor in his field.

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