Sajjad Ahmed

Senior Director - Human Resources (Capgemini)
Talent Management Cloud Infrastructure Project Management

20+ year


About Mentor

Sajjad Ahmed is a Senior Director of Human Resources with 20+ years of diverse experience in Talent Management, Cloud Infrastructure, and Project Management. He is enthusiastic about adding value to students and young professionals' life. He has been actively handling the role of Program facilitator at NPTEL and has also Designed the mentoring journey, conducted sessions & mentored college students at CETI Foundation. He has over 7 years of experience in the field of Project Management, HR and Talent Management. His extensive experience in the HR industry makes him a brilliant leader and a phenomenal mentor. For the past year, he has driven strategic business objectives through Learning and Development. During this duration, he has also directed managers to ensure that the assigned L & D portfolios ran smoothly. Mr. Ahmed has completed various certifications to bring justice to the Facilitator role. And this shows his passion for upskilling in the field in which he wants to grow in the future.

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