Shraddha Varma

Co-Founder, Fuzia Talent and Fuzia Community
Leadership Women Empowerment Marketing Leadership

10+ year


About Mentor

Apart from being a management professional, an experienced marketer with 10+ years of experience, and an ambitious entrepreneur, Shraddha Varma is a passionate learner & creative thinker. She is a thrill-seeker, an avid traveller, and an admirer of impactful quotes. Shraddha is someone who is always enthusiastic about translating ideas into tangible results and creative initiatives. She immensely believes that being a woman is a superpower in itself and encourages women to become their own inspiration.

As the Cofounder of Fuzia Talent and Fuzia Community ( Flagship initiatives of Opengrowth Media), she not only leads the entire global marketing and operations , but also drives and mentors her team in cross-culture environments. Shraddha strongly believes in gender equality and that women are the largest reservoir of untapped talent.Her initiatives at Fuzia aims to positively impact and see a world where women can come together globally and help each other grow, live their passions, pursue their dreams and become fearless.

She was awarded " The young entrepreneur driving social change" award by Women Economic Forum in 2019.

Shraddha mentors aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs as she brings a perfect balance of theoretical knowledge and practical applications of skills around marketing , sales, and sustainable business growth.

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