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A graduate in Business Administration and a certified business coach, Vijay Johar has been igniting entrepreneurial abilities among business owners, helping them become great leaders.

With a passion about business coaching, he began his journey as a certified facilitator by completing the "Train the Trainer" Course from the Dale Carnegie Institute in 2013 and completed his ActionCOACH Training in November 2019 from Melbourne, Australia.

Coming from humble origins, Vijay joined his family business of Gemstone trading at the age of 17. The experience ignited his entrepreneurial mindset.

In 2012, Vijay realised how one's delivery and instigation of thoughts impacts and inspires people to change for the better. In the years to follow, he provided and continues to offer critical insights into every facet of business, and has been shaping entrepreneurs ever since.

At Vijay Johar Business Coaching, which he founded in 2020, he is equipping learners to lead by example, break down barriers, and build a culture that will directly impact the trajectory of their business.

"Consistency Is More Important Than Brilliance," says Coach Vijay who aims to help business owners become better entrepreneurs and better leaders.

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