OpenGrowth Hub Features



Task feature is perfect for virtual teams. It enables the users to keep track of their work. Create a new task, assign it to any team member and set a deadline to make sure projects are delivered on time. Checkin and checkout of tasks are also available to understand deliverable timelines.



Huddle keeps track of team members' goals. Admin or the creator can manage (edit/delete) the Huddle group. The replies given in the Huddle can be seen by other team members, who can then converse about and find solutions to the problems that team members are stuck on. Also, it becomes easy to note down the list of tasks users are going to work on in a day keeping them focused.



Scheduling meetings is convenient with Hub. You can do everything on a single platform, invite team members, add meeting notes and make work easier. You can also evaluate calendars, choose an appropriate meeting location, set up a call-in number, add the meeting to the calendar, invite all required attendees, and so on.



Reports will wrap up the daily, weekly and monthly targets achieved. Using this feature, you can easily evaluate the productivity of every team member. The users can fill out reports and send them directly from Hub or via email to their respective managers.



Time tracking is critical to corporate success as technology advances and productivity strikes. Now you can track the start and end times of tasks. This information can be used for payroll, client billing, project costing, estimation, tracking, and management.



Collaboration and communication are enabled through channels in OpenGrowth Hub. It allows users to communicate privately or publicly with a team about a specific topic or share ideas. Users can create their own channels.



It is best to redirect and seek help from the appropriate person when you are stuck on something that is taking up your time. With OpenGrowth Hub's Stuck feature, users can get immediate help from a team member who can best assist them.



Users can ask any questions, share and discuss ideas, and receive responses from team members using this feature. Categories help distinguish between different forums. All of this suggests that the workforce is more dedicated to delivering top-notch work.


Parking Lot

Parking lots are an exciting feature where users can connect and share their ideas. It helps to keep a track of important ideas. Team members can share their ideas and action items with the leadership team. Users can add comments, reactions for the posts and share feedback.



It’s easy to build and create personalized checklists with Hub. Our Checklist feature is important for running a business on a system. It can help your team members to be proactive with their work and accomplish their goals on time.


311 Planning

The 311 planning feature on OpenGrowth Hub eases out planning errors. Your tasks and goals that you wish to accomplish can be divided into three categories: 3 year plan, 1 year plan, and a quarter plan. Notes may be included to gauge how much of the target has been met or how the project is progressing toward achieving the goal.



Community is where you can allow users to collaborate and share ideas. The users can create, browse different communities and gain knowledge from a wide variety of resources available. External and internal communities can be joined.