Dr. Archana Dubey has worked over the last 20 years as a physician, executive, entrepreneur and advisor, currently serving as the Global Medical Director for HP, population health strategist for the health and wellness programs for the global HP population, and healthcare consultant for HP's healthcare products. She also holds her academic role as Assistant Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, training the future physicians.

Dr. Dubey trained in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine from Columbia University and USC respectively, and has practiced medicine at Stanford Health care and UC Davis for several years. At Stanford University, she served as a clinician and Stanford’s Director of Primary Care associates program that trained advanced practitioners. Entrepreneur at heart, she founded HealDeal, a digital health company in 2007 which was the industry’s first price transparency and market efficiency platform, before versions of Castlight were a norm in the industry.

Over years of patient care, Dr. Dubey has been on the forefront of making medicine personalized, efficient and affordable for patients and simplified for providers. With a keen interest in digital health technology, she has participated and led solution design and product implementations at HP, HPE, Stanford, Google, UC Davis hospital. She has worked on population health, patient engagement, behavioral economics and applications of emerging technologies ( ML/AI) in healthcare. At HP she has founded and regularly hosts the Invent Health series, a Healthcare conference focused on innovation in key areas of healthcare. As an industry expert she is frequently invited as a speaker, board member, adviser and mentor to several Digital Health forums and companies. As a lifelong learner, she has just completed her education at Stanford in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning and its applications in healthcare.