Negin Shiraghaei
Founder and CEO,
Open Growth UK

Negin Shiraghaei has been a lead news anchor at BBC. She has been advocating about human rights, equality, and diversity, and is building a new vision for the future of communication.

Negin has been in media for two decades and has worked on all different types and roles, from print and online journalism to TV and Radio. She spent the last decade of her career as a journalist working for BBC Persian TV and Radio and specializes in the Middle East and Central Asia affairs.

As an advocate for human rights, Negin has spoken at the UN Human Rights Council on the impact of online harassment on female journalists.

She is greatly involved in improving the representation of women in media. She was part of BBC's initiative for gender equality (50:50).

Her vision for the future of communication would actively engage thought leaders, companies as well as governmental and non-governmental players around the globe. She is creating the next-generation broadcasting and conferencing capabilities that fit the purpose of the new world's challenges.