Prakash Jain
Partner, OpenGrowth.AI

Prakash Jain is an ambitious entrepreneur, passionate orator, and an IT professional who has spent over two decades ideating technological integrations, designing online platforms, and building brands that give several ventures growth opportunities. An engineering graduate from Bangalore, Prakash entered the Internet industry as a young, ardent and vivacious individual. He worked with global leaders in the IT industry who live in the world of Internet marketing, confluencing new strategies for marketing analytics. In the year 2002, Prakash co-founded a web solutions firm - India Internets which has developed the digital avenues for more than 2000 brands globally ever since. Through India Internets, his mission is to provide ample Internet space in an organized and innovative way to startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations to grow their network and build brand loyalty. When the internet industry began to evolve with new possibilities like the social media network, Prakash co-founded another major startup - DigitalOye with an aim to assist brands in tapping into new methods of marketing online and reaching out to their potential clients without any geographical constraints. Prakash is determined to create a safe and secured Internet network, combating cyber securities issues. He wishes to utilize the online data to create new avenues for Internet transparency and online business development opportunities.