nominated as one of the stakeholders in the Dynamic Coalition on ‘Internet & Jobs’ , under the United Nations’ Internet Governance Forum (IGF) announces that it has been nominated as one of the stakeholders in the Dynamic Coalition on ‘Internet & Jobs’ , under the United Nations’Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The UN IGF realises that there is a lack of sustainable and responsible automation and thus it gives the potential of the Internet to build jobs and strengthen the local economies.

The coalition aims to build jobs across sectors and geographies and help people realise the human resource and entrepreneurial capability of the Internet across the globe. Thus, the idea is to boost the goals of building a vibrant digital economy benefiting local jobs.'s initiative will take active participation in this coalition. It is an initiative for all the telcos and mobile operators to come together and support a common standard for ethical data exchange that is both privacy-preserving while being risk-aware. is a Palo Alto, California based 501(c)(3) non-profit initiative to help incubate and launch ventures that impact the world through strategic philanthropy and impact investing. Launched by the family foundation of Mr. Gunjan Sinha - serial entrepreneur and silicon valley resident, and currently also the Executive Chairman of Metricstream - over the years has launched, supported and advised several noteworthy ventures like , , , , , , and . The common theme in all these ventures is a deep desire by founders of these organizations to fundamentally drive change and social impact through leadership, technology and strategic innovation. besides being born in SiliconValley has a strong commitment from Mr. Gunjan Sinha and his family to give back and support social innovation both in the USA and India. To build strong US - India alliance for responsible innovation and societal impact, Mr. Sinha is committed to help local communities both in US and India - which still represent significant opportunity for progress and upliftment through global support and strategic philanthropy - specially in this COVID-19 world as newer technologies like AI/ML, Automation and Robotics further exacerbate the digital divide in our societies and communities. In USA, is going to focus on Diversity and Inclusion, Women Empowerment, Global Health, Data and AI for Good, Planetary Health and Financial inclusion, while in India, the focus is going to be on helping the local communities, particularly in his home state Bihar and other parts of India, which have not yet been benefited by the digital technologies of the future. " Working on these themes collectively is important for the future of a sustainable and equitable world" - believes Mr. Sinha. is committed to building a strong team of social innovators, volunteers and advisors in Silicon Valley and India to help bridge the needs of two important centers of social innovation through technology, community development and social activism. OpenGrowth is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and is being led and supported by employees and volunteers in Silicon Valley from leading technology companies like MetricStream , Regalix , DesignEverest , Fuzia , OpenGrowth Ventures , and others. While in India, is headquartered in Patna, Bihar and led by two entrepreneurs, Akriti Verma and Priya Nath , both are ex-students of Patna Women’s College, Patna, India with more than a decade of industry experience in the technology sector. Akriti Verma is pursuing her management program from IIM, Bangalore and strongly believes in promoting women empowerment. While Priya Nath, who resides in Patna, is a popular YouTuber and is working on various initiatives for the upliftment of the youth in the state of Bihar in India.

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