Privacy Policy

By accessing our site, you agree to the following:

Thank you for choosing OpenGrowth. We value your trust. One of our main priorities is the privacy of our visitors, clients, partners, and students. This document contains information on what data is collected and recorded by OpenGrowth and how we use it.

We adhere to ethical standards in gathering, using and safeguarding any information that you submit to us while opting for a course or subscribing to our services or during employment or incorporation of business or collaboration of any kind.

The policy is not applicable for the data collected offline or through any physical source from our users or any other channel or a third party other than the website. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at

By using our website, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy and agree to its terms of service.


The OpenGrowth Privacy Policy applies to all users, students, clients, and visitors who access the OpenGrowth website through the internet using computers, mobile devices, laptops, or other electronic devices. The terms 'we,' 'us,' and 'our' refer to OpenGrowth, and the policy specifies the types of personally identifiable or personal information that may be collected, as well as how much information is used and the choices that can be made. Any individual major or minor who has visited OpenGrowth or subscribed to any of its mentorship/services/courses/collaboration tools/webinars is referred to as a "you" or "user."

Information we collect

some sections of our site can be accessed without revealing personal information. But, for getting access to features or services related to mentorship, courses, content offerings or webinars or any other startup services or access to the OpenGrowth Hub platform. To get this access you have to submit your personal information. Here, in ‘Personal Information’ includes information that can be used to identify you as a person. It may also be referred to as personally identifiable information or personal information. Personal data/information may include your name, email address, IP address, and device identifier along with any other information as and when required. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the information that you have shared with us is completely authentic and relevant. Incorrect information may affect your accessibility to our services.

By accessing our site, you agree to the following:

  • We need to collect your personal information because your personal information is needed for us to give you access to certain services. While using the website we are bound to agree to all the terms and conditions, along with the conditions mentioned in the Privacy Policy. By accepting them you comply with the contract for the services we provide to you, in complete accordance with our policies and terms of service.
  • We need to comply with our legal obligations for which we need your personal information.
  • Also, personal information is needed for the legitimate interests of us and others. Our legitimate interests include:
    • Visit and use our Website
    • Avail to our services
    • Select appropriately skilled and qualified suppliers
    • Build relationships with our audience, clients, partners, and other academic institutions
    • For research and statistical purposes
    • Marketing and business development purposes
    • Internal administrative and auditing purposes.

Which information can be used for which legal activity will depend on the personal information that you share with us. Also, in case of any legal issues, the jurisdiction shall be any court of law in India only.

It is our responsibility to protect your information when we collect it. Our organization does not tolerate misuse of personal information by any representative of OpenGrowth or any other firm, individual or group of individuals associated with OpenGrowth.

While collecting personal information we also undertake a balancing test that our legitimate interests are not weighed and vice versa.

By agreeing to our terms of service, and privacy policy, you also give your consent to use personal information for marketing purposes. However, if you do not want us to use it for information, you can write to us at

What information we collect and how

While availing to the services provided by OpenGrowth, you share your personal information. You can write to us at if you need to change your personal information shared with us while using our website.

  • While using our website, we may track, collect and aggregate information indicating other things including the pages you visited while browsing our site, the order in which they were visited, the time - when they were visited, which hyper links were clicked while browsing our site.
  • We also collect information from which other website you were directed to our website. In this process, we may also collect information which may include logging into your IP address, operating systems and browser software used for our site.
  • IP address is needed for us to locate your geographical information and your internet service provider. Also, location data may be tracked for your improved experience.
  • We collect personal information when you log in to our website or register with us for creating an account, update or change information of your already made account, make subscriptions, sign up for email updates, newsletters, participate in our events, public forums, communicate through us through emails and/or participate in any content offerings for our website.
  • Your personal information may also be collected when you use Content Offering services which include participation in video quizzes, standalone quizzes, examinations and online surveys.
  • You are not allowed to use your any other personal information (excluding from what is required/asked for) on the website. Also, personal or sensitive data of other individuals, groups/groups of individuals, firms, and organizations also should not be shared or published on the website or mentioned in your answer sheets or assignments or surveys.
  • While availing to a few services, you are also required to share your personal information such as name, address, contact details, email address, photograph, access to webcam, and photo identification among many others, with a third party site, related to us.
  • Many services offered by OpenGrowth are paid services. This payment may be processed through a third-party payment gateway through online payment methods, debit cards, or credit cards.

Note: A third-party service provider may collect and process your financial information along with OpenGrowth.

Use of your information

  • OpenGrowth takes all the necessary precautions to not leak the personal information shared with us without your consent. If you need to make any changes in the information, OpenGrowth allows you to make changes and then render our services available to you. Before modification of your personal information, OpenGrowth may ask for your photo identification and then act on your request.
  • OpenGrowth has the right to deny any request that is contrary to the law.
  • We do not guarantee that the residual copies and archives will be deleted once your services have been availed, though avoid retaining your personal information for long.
  • Your personal information will be shared with third-party service providers only with your consent, be it for marketing purposes of financial transactions.
  • OpenGrowth will use personal information with respect to the platform.
  • OpenGrowth can communicate with you through calls, emails, messages and any other medium of digital communication as and when required.
  • It is at the user's discretion to stop the communication, by unsubscribing to our communication services.
  • For any other queries feel free to contact us on

Confidentiality, Report and Analysis

  • OpenGrowth may use your personal information for marketing purposes, and reference purposes, and improve our services and business intelligence for research and statistical or intelligent data.
  • All employees working with OpenGrowth associated with collecting, and processing will have access to your data. They are obliged to respect the confidentiality of the data.
  • When you log in, our servers automatically record the information that you provide us or your browser sends us, whenever you visit our website

Advertisements & Cookie Policy

  • OpenGrowth may display interest-based advertising using the information you make available to us while interacting with us.
  • We follow the Indian laws while displaying interest-based ads to you and the self-code regulation in advertising by the Advertising Standards Council of India and Self Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising developed by the Digital Advertising Alliance.
  • Like other online ad networks, we use cookies, web beacons (also known as action tags or single-pixel gifs), and other technologies (collectively, “cookies”). Cookies enable us to learn about what ads You see, what ads You click, and other actions You take on our sites and other sites. This allows us to provide You with more useful and relevant ads. For example, if we know what ads You are shown we can be careful not to show You the same ones repeatedly. We do not associate Your interaction with unaffiliated sites with Your identity in providing You with interest-based ads.
  • We do not provide any personal information to advertisers or third-party users. However, the advertisers may get your IP address through technology. For any such query, please contact them directly. OpenGrowth is not responsible for such access to information.

Third-Party cookies

We also use third-party cookies other than our own cookies for marketing purposes.

  • Tracking cookies follow on-site behavior allowing a better understanding of the user's habits.
  • Optimization cookies allow real-time tracking of user conversions from different marketing platforms.
  • Partner cookies Provide marketing conversion metrics to our partners so that they can optimize paid marketing efforts.

Cookies you can choose

While using our website, you have the right to delete cookies or instruct your web browser to delete or refuse cookies if you do not want them. You can do that by visiting the help pages of your web browser.

Note: If you delete cookies or refuse to use them, you will not be able to access some of the available features on the website. Like, you might not be able to log in or make us remember your preferences.

Refund Policy

Once enrolled for any course or taken up a mentorship program or a subscription, no refund shall be made to the candidate, student, individual or a company if they fail to avail the services on time, within a specified time, or lapses their subscription period, or any other reason.

Revision of terms & Grievance reporting

OpenGrowth may update or amend this Policy at any time, with or without advance notice. In the event there are significant changes in the way OpenGrowth treats Users' personally identifiable information, OpenGrowth will display a notice on the Platform or send Users an email. OpenGrowth's current Policy to all information that OpenGrowth has about Users and their accounts.

Notwithstanding the above, OpenGrowth shall not be required to notify the Users of any changes made to the privacy policy. Should You have any concerns or reject the changes in the privacy policy You can refuse to accept the amendments and opt for withdrawing Your Personal Information by writing to us